Is it possible to find healing through sounds? And if so, how does this 'Sound Healing' work? And what is so special about a Sound Bath? Here you will learn what Sound Healing is all about and how the special healing effect of the singing bowls works on all levels: A journey of rest, relaxation, healing and self-discovery begins.
You may have heard the word Sankalpa more than once, especially in connection with your yoga practice. But what is behind it? The term has several meanings: the most common translations are "wish," "will," "intention," "desire," "resolve," and "decision."
"Find a relaxed seat." Often this is the first sentence we hear in a guided meditation. And sometimes the meditation session already fails here: Because especially for beginners, it is a challenge to sit for a long time in a relaxed way. However, to find peace and relaxation, a comfortable and at the same time upright posture is essential. A meditation cushion is the ideal solution for many people. You will learn in this article what you should look for when buying a meditation cushion and how you can use it in different ways.
„Wenn ich meditiere, bin ich an meinem inneren Rückzugsort und ich weiß die Zeit, die ich mit mir selbst verbringe, mittlerweile sehr zu schätzen.“
Ein vollgepackter Alltag, zu wenig Zeit für sich selbst und das Gefühl, es jedem recht machen zu müssen, rauben uns auf Dauer die Energie. Doch wenn wir regelmäßig meditieren, lernen wir, mit unseren Alltagsproblemen entspannter umzugehen, fühlen wir uns ausgeglichener und verstehen, was wir uns in unserem Leben wirklich wünschen. Auch Jessi durfte diese Erfahrung machen und teilt ihren ganz persönlichen Weg zur Meditation.
The first step to letting go and finding more peace is acceptance. When we accept our circumstances, we do not stand still, but evolve. But how can you find more acceptance in your life? Our guest author Marina shares her thoughts and guides you through a meditation that helps you to reflect and accept.
Yoga Nidra is a special meditation technique that, by changing your state of consciousness, enables you to reach a particularly high level of deep relaxation, to release subconsciously anchored fears and blockages and to regenerate body and mind in a way that is otherwise only possible through a few hours of sleep. Let greenyogashop ambassador Johanna gently guide you through the different levels of Yoga Nidra and experience the effects of yogic deep relaxation on your own body and mind (German).
It's not always easy to listen to your inner voice, especially when the outside is getting louder and louder. Expectations, obligations and responsibilities in everyday life make it difficult for us to keep the balance between our own needs and those we perceive on the outside. Michaela uses a short meditation exercise to show you how to find back to yourself again, restore your inner balance and become aware of your own needs.
If your feet keep falling asleep while meditating, or if sitting meditation even causes you pain, then you may not have chosen the best sitting position for yourself. Find out the best way to get into a sitting meditation position in this article by greenyogashop ambassador Ines.
Not only is Katrin Michel a writer, coach and meditation teacher – she is also a mum of three boys and knows exactly how stressful everyday life can get for mums. That's why she has found a way for herself to create little calm oases to meditate and recharge in the midst of everyday life‘s chaos.
How we breathe is how we live: Breathing coach Christine Schmid has made it her mission to help other people achieve a better quality of life through the right breathing technique. In this interview, she talks about the fascination of "breath" (German).
In his book "Meditation for Your Life", Dirk Bennewitz, together with his partner Andrea Kubasch, tries to build a bridge between modern life and ancient knowledge. We wanted to find out more about this and talked to Dirk about his book (German).
Do you find it hard to be mindful? In this article, Steve introduces you to five simple mindfulness exercises you can do every day.
Meditation not only contributes to general stress reduction and mental relaxation, but it also has a direct positive effect on the body. Our recommendation: Try it out and observe the positive changes in your body for yourself (German).
greenyogashop ambassador Michaela explains what forms of meditation exist, how essential oils help you meditate and what effects the different oils have on your nervous system (German)
Breath is life. It is the beginning and end of all our earthly lives. Yogic full breathing supports and expands your natural breathing and allows you to send your breath to all regions of your body. greenyogashop ambassador Ines is showing you how it works (German).