Bolster - relaxation tool and useful yoga aid at the same time

Our classic, round or rectangular bolsters provide even more relaxation for your back during yoga and will convince you with their stability and cosiness. With their soft filling of, for example, cotton or spelt husks, they are ideal to complement your yoga practice. Their application possibilities are almost limitless. Whether for relaxation or stabilization with difficult asana, the Bolster will surely quickly become your new best friend.

A real yogi doesn't need much for his practice: comfortable clothes and a quiet place are enough. For perfect relaxation though, bolsters are suitable as well, as they can help to increase your comfort. Simply put them between your legs in the child’s pose or under your knees in any kneeling pose.

A bolster is particularly suitable for exercises that are held for a long time. It also helps you to maintain an upright posture. By sitting on the outermost edge of your bolster, your hip is positioned higher than your knees and you will slightly tip forward. This will straighten your spine. The soft filling of your bolster will perfectly adjust to your body.

A bolster is also perfect for relief. Back, neck, shoulders, head and joints are softly bedded and thus deeply relaxed. The bolster can be used for a strengthening effect in certain passive yoga positions, but can also be used for some active exercises.

Comfortable, handy and a stylish accessory

In most cases bolsters are made of cotton and can be chosen in different colours. Especially important, however, is the inside, which often consists of cotton, buckwheat or spelt husks. The right balance is important for the texture: The ticking should be soft, but still support you in your exercises. When lying down, it should serve as a stable base and at the same time as a soft cushion. The ideal size of a bolster is about 65 cm in length and 15 cm in height. For comfortable use, zips and buttons should be concealed.

Our bolsters at greenyogashop last for several years and only need to be cleaned and possibly refilled during intensive use. Depending on storage and humidity, the filling material lasts between one and two years and ensures long and pleasant relaxation during its use.