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Eye pillow for deep relaxation and cheerful eyes

Relax your eyes with our eye pillows and get yourself some pleasant sleep. The light protection and the pleasant feeling on the eyes make it easier to let go of everyday life and help you to deeply relax. With their filling of cotton or linseed, for example, they softly lie on your eyelids and make tired eyes awake again. The outer material made of silk, for example, conjures up a pleasant feeling on your eyes thanks to its suppleness and natural coolness.  

An eye pillow also is perfect for your final relaxation during yoga, the Savasana. The darkening helps you to put yourself in a state of deep relaxation and to linger for a long time.

Computer work, activities such as reading or watching television or strenuous watching in general make our eyes feel tired and tense. This is noticeable by frequent blinking, watering eyes and often rings under the eyes. It is then time to give your eyes a break. An eye pillow is ideal for this. The coolness of the outer fabric provides a pleasant feeling on and around the eyes, while the gentle pressure of the ticking ensures a perfect fit that adapts to the eye area.

An eye pillow can also help with headaches. The darkening relaxes the eyes, which in turn has an effect on the head. It also ensures a faster and deeper sleep. In yoga, the pillow is perfect for the Savasana. It is the ideal end to your yoga practice and helps to let yourself fall into the final relaxation properly and to leave everything you no longer need on the mat.

Gentle pressure and relaxing coolness pamper your eyes

The fabric part of our eye pillows is always made of particularly supple and high-quality fabrics such as silk. These cling perfectly to the eye area and provide a refreshing coolness. The ticking often consists of cotton, linseed or lavender blossoms that emanate a pleasant fragrance. However, it does not only depend on the type of filling, but also on how the pillow is filled: If it is too full, it is heavy on the eyes and causes too much pressure. If the filling is too little, however, the eye pillow cannot adapt very well to the eye area, which prevents darkening. For comfort, neither buttons nor zippers should be attached to the fabric.

With our eye pillows at greenyogashop, we always pay attention to the best quality of both fabric and filling, because we want our products to stay with you for a long time.