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Yoga Bag Khaya - Black
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Yoga Bag Khaya - Fern Avocado
€99.95 * €139.95 *
Yoga Bag Khaya - Black Caramel
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Mat Wash Plant Based - Small
Content 118 ml (€10.97 * / 100 ml)
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Mat Wash Plant Based - Regular
Content 240 ml (€7.06 * / 100 ml)
€16.95 *
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The yoga mats from Jade are made in the USA are produced sustainably as only natural rubber from gum trees, which is a rapidly renewable resource, is used in the production process. In addition, Jade mats contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubbers. Another plus: JadeYoga is planting one tree for each mat sold – this way, Jade will reach 1 million planted trees by the end of the year. Jade’s yoga mats are actually made by Jade Industries, a company which has been manufacturing non-slip natural rubber carpet underlays since the 1970s. These products had such outstanding non-slip properties that they were gradually in demand by yogis as a mat. In the further development of yoga mats, the main focus was on the biggest problem within yoga: skid resistance. Therefore, even traditional yoga mat material such as PVC or plastic has never been an alternative, and thus jade mats have continued to rely on natural rubber, as this sustainable material also has better cushioning and durability.



Not only does Jade produce its mats under the most strict environmental regulations in the United States, but helps to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible with the "Reduce Reuse Recycle" program. The Jade Encore was developed for this purpose - a mat of which 20% of the material is made from recycled natural rubber. In addition, Jade is also committed to the organization "Trees for the Future" and plants trees - for each yoga mat that is sold, a new sprout is set. In addition, Jade also supports the organizations "Off the Mat, Into the World", "Global Mala", "Yokid" and "Karma Krew Yogathon".