Every yogi's best friend

The B Mat Everyday is perfect for every occasion: Non-slip and eco- friendly, lightweight and still very well cushioned - what more does the yogi need? With its cushioning of 0.4 cm, it not only provides best grip in your exercises, but also a good padding for your joints. If you are looking for a well-cushioned but lightweight yoga mat that you preferably want to take with you to the yoga studio, Everyday is the perfect mat for you. Due to its low weight of only 1.8 kg, it can easily be transported. Like all B Mats it is perfectly non- slip thanks to the typical rough natural rubber mat surface. Unlike pure natural rubber mats, however, the B Mat has a much longer life; that's thanks to a small percentage of recycled synthetic rubber blended into the natural material. Thus, the benefits of a natural rubber mat are retained without taking over their disadvantages. Like all B Mats, the Everyday is Oeko-Tex certified: not only is it made from natural and recycled materials, it is also free from toxics or harmful chemicals altogether.

The mat for every occasion

Your B Mat Everyday will accompany you through your yoga journey for many years. Whether at home or in the studio, with the B Mat you are well equipped for every asana. No more slipping hands and feet while doing downward dog, and no insufficient traction of the mat - the B Mat Everyday is absolutely slip resistant. With the yoga accessories in our shop, you can get fully equipped for your everyday yoga practice: water bottles for liquid energy in between, yoga blocks or yoga bolsters for your asanas or carrying bags and straps for your B yoga mat, we have everything you need. By the way: the great, intense colors of your B Mat combine perfectly with many of our yoga clothing items.