A matching yoga mat bag is the perfect companion for you and your yoga mat. All you have to do is decide whether you want a simple carrying strap like the Manduka Commuter, a bag that protects your mat from rain and dirt like those by FERDINandNOAH, or a bag that holds your wallet, key, water bottle and towel in addition to your mat, just like the versatile ANDI Yoga Bags. The choice is yours! If you're not sure if the bag goes with your mat, check out our overview.


Sustainability, design and functionality - our yoga bags will safely take your yoga mat to the next yoga class or make sure your mat is perfectly stored at home. The bags are designed to give you freedom: whether on your way to the studio or when travelling, these yoga bags allow you to comfortably and easily carry your yoga mat. The possible variants range from the simple carrying strap to the handy bags of Manduka‘s bag series with integrated holes to perfectly ventilate your mat to the spacious ANDI yoga bags with space for everything you need.

All Manduka yoga bags are manufactured in a chemical- and toxic-free process. They are made of sturdy cotton and/or linen material and recycled PET fabric. The Manduka yoga bags are especially designed for the Manduka yoga mats, but any mat of the right size will fit into the respective bag. Check our overview, if you are not sure whether your mat fits into the bag of your choice.


Yoga bags are now offered in almost every yoga shop, the only question is - which one is right for me? It is definitely an important yoga accessory. First of all you should check your yoga mat’s dimensions and weight. When buying a yoga bag, you can choose a colour that matches the mat,  whether it‘s plain or printed. There is a bag for every price range. In the end, yoga bags should be sturdy, well made, trendy and matching the yoga mat. In our yogashop you will find a nice selection of different yoga bags, so there is a bag for everyone.

If you are not sure which bag fits to your mat, you can get a short overview in the respective item description. We have listed all available yoga bags and noted which bag fits which yoga mat. If you still have questions or if you still don't know which bag fits, you can always send us an email to info@greenyogashop.com. We will be happy to help you!