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Get rolling: fascia rolls are the best choice for bracings

We all want limitless mobility, flexibility and movement without pain. But when painless movement is no longer possible, your neck hurts and your muscles pinch, this can be caused by fasciae. With the handy fascial rolls you can declare war on tense muscles and weak connective tissue.

Fascia rolls are available in many different designs. You can choose between large and small rolls, smooth or textured, in black or blue and so on. The trendy rolls are perfect for your yoga training - at home and even on the go.

Simply roll away your back pain, tension and tired muscles

Anyone who suffers from back pain or tense muscles knows how beneficial it can be to work on specific points. This is where the fascia roll comes in. It works through movement and pressure. The aim is to loosen adhesions and tensions in the connective tissue and to increase blood circulation. You should pay attention to the following points when choosing your fascia roll:

  • the material: it should be heat-resistant and robust
  • the level of hardness: choose the degree of hardness according to your sensitivity to pain and your training condition
  • area of use of your fascia role: depending on which parts of your body you want to mobilize, different rolls can be used
  • the size of the fascia roll: it is available in short (< 30 cm), medium (standard size approx. 30 cm) and extra wide (> 45 cm) sizes
  • Environmental friendliness: is your roll environmentally friendly and recyclable?

At greenyogashop you will find a wide selection of fascia rolls in different sizes and thicknesses and with different surfaces.

A handy roll to complement your yoga practice

Fascia rolls are perfect when you are plagued by tension, your connective tissue is weakening or you want to loosen up after an intensive sports session. They relieve painful tensions, massage your connective tissue and strengthen your back. Simply roll off and relax - if possible. The first units with the roll have will really be something. Give your body a little acclimatisation. Then you will notice that the training with a fascia roll certainly is a good investment in your body, your mobility and your flexibility. Fascia training perfectly supplements your yoga practice as well. So you are guaranteed to get even more relaxed from your yoga class.

Fascia rolls are available in different designs and sizes. The classic among them is the Blackroll. Some people even assume that this is the real name of all rolls. But in reality it's just the name of the most popular fascia roll.

Fascia rolls are available in the sizes mini, normal and extra wide. The size determines the training for which your roll is suitable. The structure of the rolls can vary as well. There are fascia rolls with a smooth surface and rolls with knobs or a grooved surface. These provide an extra strong massage of your muscles and tissue. Depending on your level of training and sensitivity to pain, the fascia roll is also available in different degrees of hardness. If you are a beginner or very sensitive to pain, you should start your fascia training with a soft roll. The medium-hard roll is suitable for all those whose sensitivity to pain is not so pronounced and who are not afraid of a short habituation phase. The hard fascia roll is recommended for people who are particularly insensitive to pain as well as competitive athletes who want to treat their fascia tissue intensively.

The fascia roll is not only available as a roll, but also as a ball and duoball. The duoball is particularly suitable for the treatment of the neck and shin bone, as the recess protects bony structures.

Dealing with the fascia roll

As with all sports exercises, the correct execution is also important with the fascia roll. This is the only way to achieve the full effect. You can imagine the use of the fascia roll as a self-massage. Like a good massage, the use of the fascia roll can be a bit painful at the beginning. During fascia training, as the name suggests, the fasciae are rolled out and actively massaged by the rolling movements. Even muscles underneath are massaged and activated at the same time, making them elastic and supple.

As always in sports, regularity is important in fascial training. It is best to massage yourself at least every two days with your fascia roll. So you will quickly feel the relaxing effect of the versatile roll.