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Presence Leggings - Dark Deep Sea
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Manduka is one of the most well-known brands for yoga mats, yoga bags and other yoga accessories and impresses above all by the combination of quality, sustainable production and a great design. The products of Manduka depict a faithful companion in your yoga exercises and meditation and can convince through longevity and robustness. At greenyogashop, you can find the best products Manduka has to offer.



This is how you could probably summarize the story of Manduka. Because a seemingly small event in the late 90s had led to the fact that yogi Peter Sterios decided to start up the company Manduka. He discovered a simple but elegant yoga mat, whose grip and cushioning properties should completely revolutionize his yoga practice. He then founded Manduka to share his discovery with other yogis around the world. When choosing the company’s name, he used the name of a yoga exercise - Manduka is Sanskrit for frog (hence the frog in the logo). Starting with just a single yoga mat, Manduka has soon become an established brand in the industry. These yoga mats stand now in the yoga world above all for high quality, which you can rely upon during your asanas.



Manduka has made a name for itself among the top manufacturers of yoga accessories, especially with the development of the classic Black Mat PRO. The special feature of these mats lies in their simplicity: Simplicity and elegance, paired with high-quality material and an innovative surface structure. The mats are hard-wearing and slip-resistant, so that the exercises are supported by the mat in the most optimal way. Mainly, Manduka is characterized by its environmentally friendly production. Certifications according to Oeko-Tex standards, emission-free production and the use of organic materials are self-evident for the manufacturer - all in the spirit of the purifying character behind the Yoga philosophy. Manduka has established its reputation as a professional partner for yoga mats and yoga accessories over many years with its sustainable concept, designed for comfort and the highest quality.



The assortment we carry is wide-ranging and offers numerous products of the premium manufacturer. The focus is on being able to offer every yogi the right yoga accessory for him or her. In addition to the popular yoga mats Manduka PRO and PROlite, Manduka eKO and Manduka eKO Lite as well as the travel mat eKO SuperLite, greenyogashop offers numerous accessories for the trend sport yoga. The Manduka yoga bag can be found in our assortment as well as yoga blankets, towels and care products for your mat. All products are usually available in many different appealing colors.
If you want to optimally harmonize mind, body and soul with yoga, you should not miss out on the right equipment. The yoga mat is the most important part. Their job is to give the body a good feeling in order to be able to concentrate fully on your asanas.