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Yoga straps help you to perform difficult asanas and to hold stretches for a long time. Yoga straps are your arm extensions that allow you to master even unattainable stretches. Our trendy straps are made of strong and tightly woven 100% recycled polyester fabric or cotton and two metal loops that allow you to safely vary the strap length. It goes without saying that our belts meet the highest quality standards.


A yoga belt made of 100% recycled polyester fabric or cotton with a handy metal loop is best used as an aid in your asanas if your stretching ability is not sufficient or if you want to practice an asana for a particularly long time, e.g. the Paschimottanasana (the forward bend) or the Dhanurasana (the bow). Therefore, yoga belts are particularly suitable for beginners or men who want to train and improve their stretching ability. The belt helps you to stay in your asanas in the desired intensity for a long time and with perfect posture. Our yoga belts are made of recycled polyester fabric or cotton and have two sturdy metal rings at one end of the belt. The buckle allows you to adjust the size so that you can vary the desired and required length. The yoga belt serves as a kind of arm extension that will help you decisively. Your muscles, ligaments and fascia system will be stretched and you will reach a new level of flexibility. Those who are flexible and have a good body awareness will minimize the risk of injury.  The belt can be rolled and thus become very small and light - so it fits in every yoga bag.

We and many yoga teachers advise beginners to use a stable and robust yoga belt for their daily yoga practice. It should be part of your yoga equipment, just like a yoga block, the meditation cushion and of course your yoga mat.