B MAT: Not much longer an insider tip

The B Mats by Canadian label B Yoga are still an insider tip among yoga fans around here; but that will change soon. They fulfill almost every demand of most yogis too well! In terms of slip resistance, they can easily compete with pure natural rubber mats; but while those are very sensitive, the B Mats are much more durable. This is due to the fact that in the production of the B Mats a small amount of synthetic rubber is added to the natural rubber material; this way the good properties of natural rubber are retained, while the less good (high sensitivity, low longevity) are largely reduced. The B Mats are also ahead in terms of eco-friendliness: natural rubber is completely biodegradable, and the synthetic rubber is already recycled. In addition, no harmful chemicals or other toxics are used in the B Mats‘ manufacture. No wonder the B Mats are also Oeko-Tex certified!

B Yoga: For the love of yoga

In the products of B Yoga there is a lot of passion from enthusiastic yoga lovers and behind them a company philosophy that got us enthusiastic right from the start:

Honesty: instead of hype and gimmicks, the production is based on simplicity and sustainability.

Responsibility: B Yoga lives a responsible and fair treatment of people and the environment.

Openness: The foundation of every B Yoga innovation is the receptiveness to new ideas and to the many opportunities that life has to offer.

Uniqueness: B Yoga is unconventional and authentic.

Focus: B Yoga concentrates on a few but essential products to create the very highest standards.

A B Mat for every yogi

Whatever is most important to you in your yoga practice, there is definitely a B Mat that will meet your needs! Non-slip, eco- friendly and durable is what they all are. If comfort and cushioning are most important to you, and you want to primarily use your mat for home practice, the B Mat Strong is the right mat for you. If you want to take your mat with you to the yoga studio, the B Mat Everyday is best; it is still very well cushioned and weighs less than two kilograms. For cosmopolitan yogis who want to carry their mat with them when travelling, the B Mat Traveller is the best choice: thanks to the super-thin design, it is not only extremely light – but it can also be folded to comfortably fit into any hand luggage.