How Sound Healing affects your health and well-being

How Sound Healing affects your health and well-being

A guest article by Alisa Füssel

Incl. Spotify playlist for your sound session for body and mind

Is it possible to find healing through sounds? And if so, how does this 'sound healing' work? And what is so special about a sound bath? Here you will learn what sound healing is all about and how the special healing effect of the singing bowls works on all levels: A journey of rest, relaxation, healing and self-discovery begins.

‘In sound we are born, in sound we are healed.’
- Mehtab Benton

Sound is powerful, sound is healing: singing bowls were used centuries ago to achieve a meditative state. The gentle tones soothe the soul and help you release inner anxiety and stress. The combination of sound and meditation is crucial and has a positive effect on your well-being.

A sound bath uses a variety of sound instruments, such as Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, gongs, voice and chanting, chimes, tuning forks, and ocean drum, to put you in a deep meditative state. How does it happen? The vibrations of the sound instruments stimulate brainwave activity that takes you from a beta state (normal waking state) to an alpha state (relaxation, peaceful state of mind) to a theta state (meditation). During the change in brainwave activity, your pulse and heart rate also lower and your breath flows more smoothly.

In sound healing, you focus on perceiving the musical sound waves created by striking a singing bowl or gong. This happens not only through your hearing: the vibrations are felt in deep tissue structures, your muscles, skin and organs, bones and nervous system.

Why does sound have such a strong effect on us?

You can compare the vibrations of sound waves to the surface of water. Even a single sound can cause water to shape and to move and create waves. The reason for this is that sounds can be transported four times faster over water than over air. Since our human body consists of approximately 70 percent water, sound waves have an immediate impact on our entire system. The vibrations bring movement to our tissue structures, have a soothing effect on our mind and release energetic blockages.


A sound bath can trigger these positive effects for body and mind

The vibrations of the sound bath can release muscular and fascia blockages and tensions. Therefore, sound therapy has also been proven to stimulate healing processes and can additionally activate the body's self-healing powers. In addition, the sound waves can flush toxins and waste products from the body, which sets a cleansing process in motion. Due to the fact that the sound frequency currents travel through the entire body, sound healing can also have a positive effect on breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and circulation, the immune system, as well as the metabolism and digestive system.

The overall goal of sound healing is to improve the emotional, physical, psychological or mental state of health. Sound healing infuses all of these levels with a sense of calm. At the same time, relaxation and recovery occur first on the physical level. This reduces the perceived stress level and activates the autonomic nervous system - calmness sets in. This calm passes into your mind: The brain is now in the theta state, the simplest possible form of meditation. Through the vibrations, you automatically relax and switch off your thoughts as if at the push of a button.

Through the flow of the sounds, the individual mind unites with pure consciousness. An expanded state of consciousness automatically arises, helping you to overcome inner turmoil, release deep-seated fears and worries, free yourself from trauma or depression, and heal emotional wounds. This process works with our body memory, which consists of our perceptions, relationships, experiences and influences. All impressions received through our senses are stored in our body memory, along with the emotions and movements or patterns of movement associated with them. Sound Healing starts here and can support you in working through and letting go of deep-seated experiences.

Sound healing provides you with more clarity and freshness of mind, can support your ability to concentrate and thus compensate for learning difficulties or mental overload.

On an energetic or subtle level, the healing effect of the sounds is shown through the cleansing and regeneration of the aura, the stimulation and balancing of the chakras and generally through the release of energetic blockages. Your life energy starts flowing again. The deep relaxation creates access to your inner self, so that you get the possibility to get in touch with your visions and your higher self more easily. The overall connection to your inner self is strengthened, which can give you more security, peace and clarity. Your spiritual consciousness is opened, so that the meaning of your life can become clearer and clearer to you, and you can embark on a wonderful and healing journey of self-discovery.

Listen to my playlist healing sounds. and dive into the world of healing sound. You can expect a mixture of Tibetan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls. For the best possible sound, you should wear headphones.

„Die Medizin der Zukunft wird die Medizin der Frequenz sein.“
- Albert Einstein


Alisa Füssel

Alisa is a yoga teacher and spiritual mentor. In 2020, she launched "from heart to toe" because she wanted to showcase the many aspects and facets of yoga: Everyone should be able to take out what they need for their path right now. Her goal is to accompany you a bit on your journey to yourself and to give you the support you need; in exactly the form that is good for you. Alisa takes a holistic view of people and yoga, building a bridge between you and yoga, but also between you and your path to healing and a life full of joy and harmony.

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