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Longsleeve Tee - Deep Navy
€64.95 *
Available sizes: M L XL
Varsity Classic Hoodie - Heather Grey
€89.95 *
Available sizes: M L XL
Hoodie Leon - Anthracite Melange
€89.95 *
Available sizes: S M L
Sweatshirt Herren - Navy
€74.95 *
Available sizes: M L XL
Sweatshirt Herren - Grey Melange
€52.95 * €74.95 *
Available sizes: M L XL
Longsleeve Rudra Zen - Inca Cacao
€54.95 *
Available sizes: S M L XL
Longsleeve Rudra - Urban Black
€54.95 *
Available sizes: S M L XL
Sweatjacke Gaaston Comfort - Undyed
€89.95 *
Available sizes: L XL
M Structured Longsleeve - Northern Green
€69.95 *
Available sizes: M L XL
M Double Knit Hoodie - Dark Grey Melange
€149.95 *
Available sizes: M L XL
Sweatjacke Zaac - Acid Black
€79.95 *
Available sizes: M XL
Sweathoodie Paancho Comfort - Acid Black
€59.95 * €79.95 *
Available sizes: S
Double Knit Hoodie – Black
€99.95 * €149.95 *
Available sizes: S M XL
Longsleeve MAARK STRUCTURE - Atlantic Green
€39.95 * €49.95 *
Available sizes: XL
Hoodie MAANS - Sable Red
€69.95 * €89.95 *
Available sizes: S M L XL
Sweatjacket GAABRIEL - Navy
€99.95 *
Available sizes: S L
Hoodie Leon - Grey Melange Bluegrey
€89.95 *
Available sizes: S M L


Can you still feel the sweat on your forehead? Is your pulse still beating wildly? Or are you already deeply relaxed and chilled by Shavasana? After a hot yoga practice, you will need something warm to put on so you don't cool down. A casual sweater or hooded jacket that you can quickly throw over are perfect companions for your yoga class or other sports activities – and ideal before and after. Especially when the men's sweatshirts and jackets are made of organic cotton and manufactured under social and fair production conditions. Even better if they look casual and can be combined with your everyday outfit.


Especially after a challenging yoga class or a sweaty workout, it is important to put on something warm first, then relax. Only when it‘s warm, the body can let go and really deeply relax. Especially comfortable and cosy are casually cut sweatshirts and jackets made of organic cotton, which are comfortable to wear and suitable for everyday use. Uncomplicated, modern and sustainable: an ideal combination for real yogis. When choosing your sweatshirt or yoga jacket you should pay attention to the following points:

  • fair, social production conditions
  • ecologically sustainable materials, such as organic cotton
  • Use of non-toxic dyes
  • comfortable cuts
  • high-quality, durable workmanship
  • easy-care handling: machine wash at 30° C
  • casual, everyday style for your requirements: hood, zipper
  • beautiful, classic colours that can perfectly be combined with your everyday style

And here we go, feeling good: Casual-style hooded jackets or sweatshirts that you just slip into – before and after your yoga class. At greenyogashop we offer a selection of sports jackets for men made of organic cotton, all produced under fair and social conditions. Stylish and modern, simple and functional. Looking and feeling good and relaxed and at the same time showing responsibility for your environment – that works easily with our sustainable yoga fashion.


A great companion for your sports and yoga classes are ARMEDANGELS‘ hooded sweaters made of organic cotton. Armedangels were one of the first Green Fashion labels and are known for their timeless, classic, modern style. Only GOTS certified organic cotton is used and the cool garments are produced under fair conditions in Portugal. In addition to organic cotton, recycled polyester is used in the production of the sweaters and jackets - so they are not only particularly cuddly and comfortable to wear, but also help to reduce plastic waste. They also look good: their slim cut, finely ribbed cuffs and diagonally placed pockets make them absolute favourites, that combined with jeans also look great in everyday life. The zipper and the bright cord of the hood are extra stylish – cool, sustainable and casual. With these hoodies, sweaters and jackets, you are always in the best of company, whether at the yoga studio, in the office or chilling out at the lake.