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The right yoga accessories support your mental and physical well-being and provide the necessary wellness atmosphere. But good accessories can also provide very handy services: yoga bags for comfortably carrying your yoga mat, woollen blankets for savasana or water bottles and special yoga towels if you really sweat during your yoga practice.


If you want to enjoy your yoga accessories for as long as possible, you should put quality first. The following are considered yoga accessories:

  • Yoga bag
  • Yoga blanket
  • Yoga Cushions/Meditation Cushions
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga belts
  • Drinking bottles
  • Yoga blankets, Yoga towels
  • Fragrances (scented candles, incense sticks, scented lamps, etc.)


Take your time and browse through the accessories category of our yoga shop: Here, quality and design combine with functionality and sustainability for the highest demands of yogis - no matter whether beginner, advanced or professional. Yoga bags are considered ideal carriers for high-quality yoga mats: Comfortable, handy, light, colourful and with a modern shape, including ventilation holes, zipper, additional pocket and shoulder strap. Robust linen or cotton material and recycled PET fabric even match the colours of the yoga mats. In addition to safe transport, special care sprays in various fragrances ensure that you will enjoy your mat for a long time.

Yoga blocks, as we know them from Iyengar Yoga, can be used in many different ways and be adapted to numerous asanas. They offer safety and well-being, make it easier for beginners to get started, are light, yet stable and break-proof. Depending on your taste, you can choose cork, bamboo or adhesive-free foam, uniquely light, perfectly shaped and remarkably durable. No detergents or chemicals required; just wipe with a damp cloth after use.


Slip-resistant yoga towels cover the mat in a non-slip and hygienic way, even during strenuous exercises. Of course, the towels are suitable for washing machines and tumble dryers. Absorbent and quick-drying, they are multi-purpose as well. This also applies to yoga blankets. Manduka wool blankets are made from a chemical-free mix of virgin wool and recycled synthetic fibres. Noble variants consist of 100 % pure merino wool.

Very important: don't forget to drink enough during your yoga class. In a handy drinking bottle you are always supplied with water everywhere. But please only use BPA-free material such as 100% recyclable stainless steel.


Put together your individual, sustainable yoga equipment: Whether yoga mat or yoga clothing, yoga bag, meditation cushion etc. - these high-quality aids will accompany you in your daily yoga practice. Let yourself be challenged by yoga and give your body and mind new energy and new well-being. Namaste.