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Natural cosmetics & oils: Care with the power of nature

To be radiantly beautiful and blessed with baby-soft skin – don't we all want that? Unfortunately it is not so easy to find the right care and as yogis we still have the claim that the care should be natural and without animal experiments. There are no compromises. So products that make you look good in a natural way should be it.

Care without compromise

The products in our range meet the highest demands for a pleasant and natural body care. Because one thing is clear: Yoga is not a sport, it is an attitude to life and it does not stop with the care. Who wants to take a shower with chemistry? So it is only logical to rely on the power of nature in your daily care as well.

Nature: More than just a Buzzword

"If it says it‘s natural, then it has to be natural." Unfortunately, that's not always true. Because conventional cosmetics also use natural ingredients. However, these are often changed by chemical substances in a way that one can no longer speak of "natural". Just that is different with natural cosmetics. Here, ingredients that are as natural as possible end up in the crucible - chemical additives are avoided. In addition to traditional medicinal plants and minerals, popular natural ingredients include camomile, marigold and sage.

No-Go Paraffins and Silicones

Paraffins form a water-permeable film on the skin and optically make it appear more plump. They are a remnant of petroleum distillation. That doesn't sound nice and it isn't, because paraffins are waste products from the mineral oil industry. Silicones, which are produced from silicium, oxygen and chlorinated hydrocarbons, also damage skin and hair in the long term. They close in the cells and then accumulate moisture. The skin becomes pale, the hair brittle. Natural cosmetics do without these chemical ingredients and replace them with vegetable oils and waxes.

The power of oils

Body oils convince with their pleasant smell and the velvety feeling they leave on the skin. They are particularly suitable for use after a shower or bath and prolong the relaxed feeling after a bath by their essential fragrances.

Body oils have a very special place in Ayurvedic traditions. A proverb says: "It is better to buy and massage with oil daily than to carry large sums to the doctor". The oils are applied to the body in a very specific sequence and massaged into the skin. In addition to their caring effect, they also have a cleansing and harmonising effect on our organism.