Kurma yoga mats are made of extremely sturdy PVC, which can withstand the highest strains - whether you are a beginner or a yoga professional. You will not need more than one Kurma Mat per life; because that is how long it will last without loss of quality or signs of use. Thanks to their exceptional longevity, Kurma yoga mats help to reduce global PVC waste; in addition, in the production process of Kurma mats no waste is emerged: They are made in a complex zero-waste process that prevents waste from emerging and in which no pollutants are released into the environment. Thanks to this positive eco-balance, the Kurma yoga mats are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – and proven safe for people and environment.


Due to their high quality, Kurma yoga mats are especially popular with professional yoga studios. They are able to withstand every strain while offering maximum comfort thanks to their strong cushioning, and they are also particularly easy to clean. In addition, Kurma mats not only firmly stay on the floor during your practice, but they also have an extra slip-resistant surface, which has been improved to their best using latest technologies. A fine structure embossing provides optimum grip that even improves with each use: the more you work with your Kurma, the more non-slip its surface becomes. What comes in handy, you can use your Kurma mat on both sides, because both the top and the bottom are non-slip and adhere firmly to the floor.


For maximum comfort in your yoga home practice, we recommend the Kurma Grip: It is particularly well padded with 65 mm cushioning and protects joints and bones in any position. The slightly lighter version, Kurma Lite Grip, is only two millimeters thinner than the Kurma Grip, but over one kilogram lighter, making it much easier and more comfortable to carry to the yoga studio. Incidentally, both Kurmas have a particularly comfortable format: they are longer (185 cm) and wider (66 cm) than standard mats, and therefore appeal to larger yogis (up to 180 cm), who also prefer a bit more comfort to the sides. After all, it always feels better when, for example, your arms get to lie on the mat instead of the cold floor while lying on your mat. Comfortable, robust and eco-friendly made – you will get the full package with a Kurma yoga mat!