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Giving something from the heart is like a loving Namasté! What in the yogic sense means as much as "All the best and good in me honours all the good and best in you". To give something away with this background is a wonderful way to live and experience the yogic philosophy together!

But what is the perfect gift? Only you can find out! But one thing is for sure: if you choose it with love, then it will be the right thing!


Giving is often the most beautiful thing! But it is also often very difficult to find the right, the perfect, the best gift - especially for a person who is close to your heart. But when you finally find it, it not only makes your best friend happy, but also yourself!

So what do I give my yoga crazy wife, my stressed husband who could use a yogic balance or my mother who always wanted to start with yoga?

There are so many beautiful gift ideas that can make some people happy and it doesn't even have to be something big or very expensive. Because even the smallest gift can make a big difference: For example, a simple yoga block can be the ticket to a life with yoga, because such a yoga block makes it easier for anyone who is not so flexible and elastic yet to get into a variety of asanas – and on top of that they are chic! 

The top gift for Christmas or birthday is of course a new, high-quality yoga mat, like from Manduka or Jade! Because if you are honest: when do you treat yourself with such luxury and buy yourself a new, high quality and attractive yoga mat? Ideally, we stand on it almost every day and practice yoga. It is our everyday or weekly companion and serves us to achieve our highest well-being. This is in any case a gift that makes every yogi‘s and yogini‘s heart beat faster.


Yoga clothes also are very charming gift for your loved one. Because beautiful and fair produced yogawear made of best organic fabrics is a bliss for everyone! If you can simply move freely during yoga and look great at the same time, the effect of your practice can make you shine even more. Plus, our yoga clothing from Mandala, Curare, OGNX and KISMET will also let you shine in combination with everyday clothes!

You will find uncomplicated gifts for men and women in our yoga accessories! And it's suitable for Christmas, birthday or Easter. Here you can't do anything wrong, because a drinking bottle from Made Sustained can be used by everyone, even if you don't do yoga (yet). Or Karma Love’s beautiful scarves in different colours, made of Merino wool and cashmere, make the perfect gift for niece or grandma, for any occasion and at any time of the year. Also, the wonderful scented candles in a glass pot are not only for lovers, but they will get everyone in a good mood!

Simply give away something that you like or that perhaps is important to you, because there is always a part of you in every gift, and that’s what your loved ones will certainly like best. And what better gift can one get than some yoga - the teaching of the union of body, mind and soul!