Yoga mats made of virgin wool

PVC, TPE or natural rubber - these are the materials for yoga mats that most yoga lovers know. There is a nice and cuddly alternative, though: yoga mats made of new (virgin) wool. The wool from living domestic sheep has been used for many hundreds of years because of its very special properties. These include breathability, self-cleaning capability and temperature regulation. In addition, it is particularly resistant to sweat, as it can absorb a lot of water without getting wet. The ideal yoga companion!

For the love of sheep and without chemistry

In yoga, the rule "Ahimsa" – no violence – is extremely important. That is why the wool for our yoga mats comes from sheep that live in controlled biological animal husbandry. No animal should suffer for humans: live and let live, both in everyday life and on the yoga mat, that is what counts.

Virgin wool mat: The perfect pad for calm yoga

Although virgin wool yoga mats are particularly resistant to perspiration, they are still more suitable for calmer yoga styles that are practiced while lying or sitting. This is mainly because the mats are not completely slip-resistant, which makes yoga forms like Vinyasa or Bikram Yoga difficult. For Hatha or Kundalini Yoga, however, virgin wool mats are absolutely perfect, as well as for meditation. The well-padded mat supports your joints and is also pleasantly soft.

The ideal pile height

Virgin wool mats are available in different pile heights. Mostly they are between 1.5 and 2 cm thick. At a height of 2 cm, our virgin wool mats are what you would call high-pile mats. Their particular benefit is the dampening function of the virgin wool mats. In addition, the pressure of the body weight is optimally distributed, which is why high-pile virgin wool yoga mats are particularly pleasant for people with joint problems.

A non-slip bottom

For the mat to stay firmly on the floor during your asanas, most mat bottoms are coated with natural latex or natural rubber. Our mat bottoms are made of a pure latex coating, which makes them particularly slip resistant.

New wool yoga mats - for those who like it cozy

Virgin wool yoga mats may not be the first choice for flowing yoga styles - such as Vinyasa. But if the mat is to be used primarily for static hatha or Kundalini yoga or for meditation, there is hardly an alternative that is cozier.