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The meditation cushions by feelgoodseats in a classic round design from our yoga shop combine convincing stability with a perfect fit and help you to concentrate on your asanas and yoga exercises. Especially with a complex and time-consuming meditation practice, high-quality meditation cushions show their full strength: They help to straighten the spine and to get the musculature into a relaxed state. Sounds as if meditation cushions are only for professionals, but beginners also benefit from the supporting effect of the cushions.

You don't need much for yoga: enough time, comfortable yoga clothes and inner peace are enough to practice yoga even in the most inconceivable places. For more complex exercises or a longer meditation, yoga mats or cushions are the perfect companion. Especially a long meditation can be very exhausting without any aid. Especially suitable meditation cushions help to keep a straight back and to relieve the musculature.


Meditation cushions are often made of cotton or a mix of cotton and linen. They are mainly used in meditation. They should be robust and attractive, as the cushions are often used daily and as decorative accessories. Ideally, meditation cushions have an inlet so that the filling material does not fall out.

The meditation cushions you will find at greenyogashop last for several years and only need to be refilled once a year. The filling material lasts between one and two years, depending on storage and the humidity in the room. However, if the humidity is too high, the organic spelt husks will become greyish after some time and should be changed. Alternatively, organic buckwheat husks can also be used. A filling with kapok is also possible, but it is the most expensive filling material on the market. Kapok is extracted from the kapok tree, which is only found in tropical areas. Kapok is one of the lightest hollow fibres of filling materials and is often mixed with cotton or wool. Since it is a pure organic product, kapok is not only used for meditation cushions, but also for yoga clothing, mattresses or as insulating material.


Meditation cushions, but also meditation benches, are mainly used for meditating. It is particularly helpful, because the cushion adapts to the buttocks by the filling material giving way. This leads to an almost perfect seat. The spine is upright and the pelvis can be adjusted very well. Your energy is stimulated and a deep meditation becomes possible. Depending on how high the cushion is, the meditator can sit cross-legged or heel-seated. Especially for newcomers, this accessory is very easy on the knee joints as the pressure is removed from the knees. This allows you to comfortably meditate over a longer period of time.

The meditation cushions are available in different sizes and shapes - from rather simple colours up to bright eye-catching colours and patterns. Most meditators find a height of approx. 12-15 cm pleasant and a diameter of 30-35 cm.