Blankets may not be associated with yoga right from the start - rather, you might think of yoga mats or sportswear. But anyone who has ever felt the relaxing effect of the resting phase after a strenuous yoga session can imagine how pleasant the soothing warmth of a wool blanket can be. Our blankets are mainly made of cotton and are cosy and warm.

But it is not only with Savasana that a yoga blanket can be pleasant: If, for example, you have problems with your knee joints, you should simply put a blanket under your knees to relieve the strain - a real benefit! And if your meditation cushion or block are not within reach at the moment, the blanket can also be folded into the desired shape and used as a booster seat or upholstery. Last but not least, the blanket is also a beautiful and useful accessory for your home, of course. So you see, it's always worth having such versatile yoga accessories with you!