The eKO Lite yoga mat is a fusion of environmental awareness and suitability for travel. It was developed by yoga teachers with a special focus on performance and eco-friendliness and manufactured by Manduka from natural rubber with a closed cell structure and a comfortable seaweed surface. The eKO Lite combines performance with durability and lightweight. It is eco-friendly and leaves no marks on landfills. This makes it the perfect companion for all yogis who are committed to the health of our planet and enjoy practicing yoga on the move - or who simply don't want to lug heavily.

Manduka's three-layer technology also ensures an optimum combination of grip, durability and slip resistance in the eKO Lite. Just like the stronger version Manduka eKO, the light version of the eKO series consists of an innovative natural rubber manufactured according to a patented process. A dense seagrass texture surface ensures excellent grip and a large-cell bottom provides optimum damping properties for the mat. The yoga mat is manufactured in an eco-friendly and 100% toxic-free process. Detailed information on this and other Manduka mats can also be found directly on Manduka‘s website.


Yogis who like to travel can leave their bulky yoga accessories at home - the light and mobile design of the eKO-Lite yoga mat offers a handy and space-saving accessory for travelling. The extra non-slip underlay made of natural eco-rubber is just three or four millimetres slim, but damps like an average five-millimetre mat. With a portable weight of less than 2.2 kilos, Manduka's eKO Lite is the perfect companion for those who don't want to do without their yoga mat when on holiday or travelling.

The eKO Lite yoga mats from Manduka's eKO series are available in many fashionable colours at greenyogashop and fit into any of our yoga bags.