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No yoga class without a yoga mat!

A special yoga mat not only protects your joints with its cushioning properties, but also guarantees a pleasant feeling and the necessary concentration while you practice your asanas. It is also very important that the yoga mat is non-slippery, because only then can yoga exercises be realized perfectly and safely - and give you the opportunity to concentrate completely on your body. You will find yoga mats for beginners, advanced and professional. We always pay attention to an environmentally friendly production and sustainable materials such as natural rubber, which is produced fairly and sustainably.

Buy yoga mats for every level and every taste

Yoga professionals know how important and irreplaceable a good yoga mat is that is tailored to the individual needs and the particular yoga style. There are many different mats in all sizes and thicknesses, but every optimal yoga mat should have the following characteristics:

  • Non-slip structure
  • Excellent damping properties
  • Sufficient proportions to lie stretched out on it
  • Natural material to protect the environmentmanduka_ekolite_sensation_ausgerollt
  • High quality
  • Pleasant color


All our products are available in different variants and colors. Which one is ultimately the best for you, you have to decide for yourself. Its important when choosing a mat to consider on which surface you want to use the mat. Whether you are practicing yoga in the gym on a hall floor, on a wooden parquet at home, or while traveling, the given circumstances should influence your choice. If you do need help and guidance, just have a look at our yoga mat guide or write us an email, we are happy to help:


Buy the perfect yoga mat online

Especially popular with professionals and yoga beginners manduka_ekoare the high quality yoga mats from Manduka or Jade. Manduka yoga mats and mats made by Jade are available in various sizes, colors and designs, so that there is something for every taste, whether beginner or professional. Produced from natural and recyclable materials using environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art technologies, all Manduka yoga mats are three-ply, non-slippery and of excellent quality.

If you are looking for flexibility and performance on the go, at home or in the yoga studio, choose the lightweight Manduka PROlite, which protects the joints with its excellent cushioning properties, regardless of the surface on which it is used. It adapts perfectly and is equally suitable for yoga asanas, pranayamas or relaxation exercises. PROlite mats are produced in Germany from a particularly lightweight PVC and is emission-free and certified with the German ÖKO-Tex standard. With a thickness of 0.45 cm and a size of 180x61 cm, those mats only weigh 1.8 kg and are therefore extremely flexible.


Mats called Manduka eKO are made of natural rubber in a very environmentally friendly way; they have a surface with seagrass texture, which absorbs in an excellent way and at the same time protects the nature and is also 100% recyclable. The manufacturing is of course without any toxics, without toxic bleaching and without any foaming agents. With a thickness of 0.5 cm and a size of 180x68 cm, these mats are compact, mobile and resistant. Especially for travel, the eKO Lite was created, whose thickness is only 3mm or 4mm.

Due to its closed cell structure, neither sweat nor bacteria can penetrate into the mat. If this mat is used upside down, it still provides strong grip. By the way, the middle layer of these mats consists of a mixture of recycled silk and cotton. Manduka yoga mats only need to be wiped off with a damp cloth to clean them. The mats should be stored and transported in a yoga bag, also available in our shop.

No matter if yoga pro, beginner or intermediate: choose a yoga mat that will accompany you for a lifetime and give you only the best quality, because a bad mat is like too tight a pair of shoes on a hike - you will soon regret it.

Buy your yogamat online now.