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Jumpsuit Chandra - Black
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Available sizes: S

The yoga one-piece: A statement piece for a dreamlike yoga practice

Yoga one-pieces are absolutely trendy. Whether tight-fitting or wide cut, long or short, the comfortable jumpsuit simply pleases. Yoga is no longer just about the practice on the mat. The outfit also is important. It should not only look good, but also be comfortable and not restrict the freedom of movement during yoga. A yoga jumpsuit is the perfect solution.

Comfortable, stylish and of course sustainable

At greenyogashop we have a selection of beautiful and sustainably produced yoga one-pieces. They do not only look good on the mat. If you like, you can take your jumpsuit directly from the yoga studio to your coffee date.

Yoga jumpsuits especially enchant with their beautiful back necklines. These are especially cleverly designed to guarantee maximum hold and look good at the same time. The straps are often crossed or deep cut, which makes your back an absolute eye-catcher. Sometimes the yoga bra is already integrated in the one-piece.

Maximum wearing comfort for even more fun on the mat

The jumpsuit does not only look beautiful on the yoga mat, it also offers a particularly high wearing comfort. Can you relate to your belly being exposed during downward dog or your shirt slipping over your head while you are practicing a headstand? That certainly won't happen with the yoga overall. In addition, the one-piece perfectly adjusts to your figure, so there is no slipping – making your Asanas even more fun.

Whether tight-fitting or loose - the jumpsuit is an eye-catcher

The yoga one-piece is available with very body-focussed and close fitting cuts as well as loose and airy. A tight-fitting overall is especially suitable for particularly fast movements, like in Vinyasa. Even with fast and powerful movements everything stays where it should be. The overall is also available in a short version for particularly sweaty sessions. A loose jumpsuit is especially handy when a lot of freedom of movement is required, like during intensive stretching sessions or yin yoga.