A packing list for your yoga retreat: These essentials should not be missing

A packing list for your yoga retreat: These essentials should not be missing

You've decided to participate in a yoga retreat? Perfect! Use the time as a way to balance your stressful everyday life and look forward to valuable experiences on and off your yoga mat. But what exactly should you bring along for your retreat? So you can relax and prepare for your next retreat, we answer the question and present our essentials.

Don't worry: in this article, you'll learn which yoga essentials are indispensable for your trip.


The perfect yoga mat for your yoga retreat

Whether you're heading to warm Spain or the cold north, item #1 on your packing list is, of course, your yoga mat. Here are your options:/p>

Option #1: Pack a travel mat

The advantage of a travel mat is that it weighs half as much as a regular yoga mat. This means less carrying around and fewer pounds on the luggage scales at the airport. In addition, travel mats are usually foldable, so you can easily stow them in your regular luggage. Although travel mats are much thinner and lighter than regular mats, they still offer a very good grip, even in hot or even tropical temperatures.

These travel mats are especially suitable for your trip:

B MAT Traveller by B Yoga

Voyager by Jade

More yoga mats for traveling

Option #2: Use yoga mats provided on-site

In many retreat locations, you can also use the yoga mats on site. Important: Don't rely on this, but ask in advance if this offer is available and what it costs additionally. Our recommendation: Pack at least one yoga towel in your suitcase. You can put it on your yoga mat and practice hygienically.

Yoga mat towels

Option #3: Take your regular yoga mat with you

If you already have a favorite yoga mat that you like to practice on at the retreat, you can bring that too. But then you will need a bag to carry it because most suitcases won't fit your mat. But you won't want to miss a good yoga bag even after your retreat! You can carry your mat, clothes, and water bottle in it the next time you head to your city's yoga studio.

Bags and straps for your yoga mat

No matter which option you choose, your luggage should definitely include a yoga mat care product suitable for your mat. This will not only keep your mat clean but also give it a fresh scent. Who wants to practice on a musty mat?

Four more essentials for your yoga practice sessions

Don't forget to pack a small towel. Many retreats take place in warmer climates, and you'll be surprised how much you'll suddenly sweat. You can use a towel to wipe the sweat from your face or dry your hands so that you don't lose your grip on the mat during poses like downward-facing dog.

We also recommend that you bring a light blanket (or large towel) with you. However, you should not add this to your check-in luggage but stow it in your hand luggage. At the latest, when the air conditioning comes on in the plane, you'll be happy to snuggle up in a soft blanket. Even during the yoga retreat itself, the blanket remains versatile. Use it to cover up in savasana or as a blanket on the beach. The more of these multi-functional talents you pack, the less baggage you'll end up with!

Part of your carry-on luggage should also include a sleeping mask or eye pillow. It will make it easier for you to fall asleep on the plane or train, making the travel time go by super fast. At the destination, it's also the perfect companion for your savasana; your final relaxation will be even deeper! You should also take it with you to your room. If you're used to pitch-black nights with the blinds down at home, a blackout sleep mask could be your salvation.

To avoid buying plastic bottles from the supermarket, travel environmentally conscious with your own water bottle. Take it with you to your yoga sessions and to the beach as an indispensable accessory.


These are the yoga outfits you should pack for your upcoming retreat

As a rule, 2-4 yoga outfits are completely sufficient. In order to have enough freedom of movement during dynamic yoga sessions and not freeze during relaxed sequences, you should make sure you have a good mix of yoga clothes:

• Pack a comfortable pair of leggings for your dynamic sessions (e.g., Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga).

• Also bring a loose-fitting pair of pants made of a lightweight material (e.g., for meditation, pranayama and restorative sessions).

• Don't forget 2-3 comfortable tops made of airy fabrics (e.g., organic cotton or bamboo viscose).

• For extra support, you can bring 2-3 sports bras.

• In order not to get cold during calmer sessions, you should also pack a light sweater or a kimono.

• And on your feet? On the way to the shala, it's best to take open sandals that you can slip into quickly. Light sneakers are ideal if you want to explore the surroundings around your retreat location beyond the yoga program.

Tip: Take a close look at the program of your yoga retreat. Are there any joint beach excursions planned? A joint celebration? Then pack 1–2 outfits, depending on the location and occasion.


Essentials that many forget on their first yoga retreat

A yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your life and get to know yourself better. To make sure you don't lose your thoughts after your trip, you should record them in a personal journal. This way, you can keep the inspiring impressions with you for even longer.

Also, don't forget to take an inspirational book with you. You can read it on your way there and get in the mood for the enriching and peaceful time out.

Don't buy your sunscreen at the destination. Because: At many destinations, you will search in vain for a sustainable sunscreen. But it's the only way to protect the environment when you're swimming in the sea.

Two more essentials for your cosmetics bag: a relaxing muscle cream that you can apply after demanding yoga sessions and an essential oil that will help you let go even more during relaxing sessions.

Last but not least: snacks for the soul. Most yoga retreats already include food, but you might be surprised by a little hunger while waiting for the next meal. Therefore, pack healthy muesli bars, nuts, and some chocolate in your bag. You will be very happy about it in any case!

Your suitcase is ready now. We wish you a wonderful and inspiring yoga journey!

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