The mindful path to inclusion: The way Halfmoon wants to change the wellness industry

The mindful path to inclusion: The way Halfmoon wants to change the wellness industry

An interview with Halfmoon owner Andrea Morris


Andrea Morris


For Andrea Morris, yoga has always been more than just a hobby; it has been ritual, sanctuary and an abiding passion. Andrea is the creator of the B MAT and the founder of B Yoga. Nothing is closer to her heart than sharing her passion with the world and making her high-quality, lovingly created products accessible to yoga enthusiasts around the globe. With this in mind, it made sense for Andrea to add the Halfmoon label, also based in Canada, to the B Yoga family in 2018, in order to reach and inspire even more yogis around the world with an expanded product range.

The Canadian label Halfmoon is part of the B Yoga family and produces yoga and meditation accessories for highest demands. Halfmoon has a clear goal: to make yoga – a source of inspiration and meaning – accessible to as many people as possible. We talked to label owner Andrea about diversity, inclusion and the influence the wellness industry can have on these aspects.

greenyogashop: Feel free to introduce yourselves first. Who is behind Halfmoon and what is your mission and vision?

Andrea: Hello, I’m Andrea, the proud and grateful owner of Halfmoon. Our unwavering vision is to inspire people everywhere to live their best and most balanced lives. Our mission is to create beautifully designed yoga and meditation goods that hold and comfort you on your mindfulness journey.

greenyogashop: You published an anti-racism action plan on your website where you say: “We are deeply committed to leading positive and lasting change in the wellness industry and we are now ready to mindfully move forward and take action.“ The importance of addressing this issue is actually very clear. But we still want to ask what motivated you to not only integrate these issues into your marketing, but also to change your corporate structure by establishing a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce.

Andrea: Brands these days can do more than sell products; they can advance important worldly causes and missions. We do not take this reality lightly over at Halfmoon. It is a responsibility. In light of above, this year, we added a PURPOSE pillar to our corporate strategy map - recognising that, today we have a global platform which allows us to support causes with broader reach than ever before. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce is one example of an important initiative falling under this new pillar. We do not have all the answers or experience in this realm but what we do have is commitment, conviction and drive. We’ve brought in subject matter experts to enlighten and guide us along this journey, recognizing that this is a long-term initiative for us. Thus far, being on this taskforce has been eye opening and humbling. We are setting long-term goals for our organization and really taking things slow in order to ensure that our plans are properly integrated internally.


greenyogashop: You participated in a anti-racism course on leading for diversity, inclusion. What was your key take away from that course?

Andrea: I would say that the biggest takeaway for myself was the reminder that this is not a race but rather it’s a marathon. To take it slow with our DEI taskforce and ensure that our roadmap and initiatives are properly integrated internally; that there is genuine internal connection to our work and understanding of the great meaning behind it. This is deep work and we need to be mindful and take it slow.

greenyogashop:How do you integrate meditation into your corporate culture? If so, what is your favorite meditation?

Andrea: During these unprecedented times, we offer frequent virtual meditation and yoga classes of varying durations, genres, teachers and intensities. My favourite is a 15 minute guided morning meditation with breathwork that grounds me and sets the pace for the day. Simple yet so effective and a great means of bringing our team together energetically. Heaven!



greenyogashop: How can meditation help us on the path to an inclusive wellness industry? 

Andrea: Please let me state that I am not a subject matter expert; I am a student. As I see it, as meditation facilitates mindfulness, empathy and compassion, it can certainly assist us in connecting with and advancing inclusivity in wellness. Meditation can lead to strengthened relationships and a better understanding of the importance of our interconnectedness – realizing that everything we do impacts others and vice versa. A true realisation of above can only support and advance inclusivity in wellness.



The Canadian label Halfmoon is run passionately by enthusiastic yoga lovers whose company philosophy is based on five pillars: Authenticity, Responsibility, Openness, Uniqueness and Focus. With this concept, Halfmoon creates high-quality products to accompany and support yogis around the world on their yoga journey.

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