Do you need a yoga block for your practice? (Yes!)

Do you need a yoga block for your practice? (Yes!)

Here's how to use this popular yoga tool in different ways (+ 10 restorative and challenging exercises)

Yoga blocks are one of our favorite tools. Because whether you're a beginner or already advanced in your yoga practice, yoga blocks are incredibly versatile and will enrich your practice.

3 basic ways to use yoga blocks

Yoga blocks can ...

1. expand your range of mobility. For example, if you can't reach the floor with your hands or fingertips in a standing forward bend, the blocks act as an extension of your arms.

2. support your restorative yoga practice by giving you stability and security.

3. challenge you in your yoga practice and increase the difficulty of the asanas.

How many yoga blocks do I need?

Firstly, one yoga block is better than no block at all. However, we recommend that you get at least two yoga blocks of the same size and material. This is because you will be placing both hands on the blocks for many poses. If you are into yin yoga, it may make sense to have even more yoga blocks available.

What material is best for yoga blocks?

Our favorite yoga blocks are made of cork or foam made from recycled or natural materials like EVA or bamboo. This is because they have a comfortable weight, a nice feel and are produced in a resource-friendly way.

What size should yoga blocks be?

The most useful and versatile are cuboid yoga blocks. The exact dimensions and proportions are rather secondary, as you can use your cuboid yoga blocks at three different levels or heights.

These are our favorite yoga blocks

Exercises with the yoga block: How to use it as an extension of your arms (ideal for beginners)

Triangle pose | Trikonasana


Extended side angle pose | Utthita Parsvakonasana


Camel pose | Ustrasana


Downward-facing dog | Adho Mukha Svanasana


Exercises with the yoga block: How they give you stability and safety (ideal for beginners as well as advanced students)

Seated forward fold | Paschimottansana


One-legged pigeon pose | Eka Pada Rajakapotasana


Child's pose | Balasana


Restorative heart opener | Savasana


Exercises with the yoga block: How they help you to make your practice more challenging (ideal for advanced practitioners)

Crane pose | Bakasana


Triangle pose | Trikonasana

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