Yoga mat b, mat cork - Natural

Yoga mat b, mat cork - Natural

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  • GY3861
  • B Yoga and Halfmoon become b, halfmoon! This is accompanied by a new logo for B MAT, which is now called b, mat. Please note: During the short transition phase, both logo variants can be sent; However, the properties of the mats are identical.

    100% natural: The b, mat cork offers you an absolutely natural feeling during your yoga practice and is particularly slip-resistant when damp or wet.

    • Top material: natural cork
    • Bottom material: natural rubber
    • Dimensions: approx. 183 x 61 cm x 0.4 cm
    • Weight: approx. 2.5 kg (can vary by up to 250 g)
    • The slip resistance develops in contact with sweat or moisture
    • Up to a body size of approx. 178 cm

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
b, halfmoon lives a responsible and fair way of dealing with people and the environment.
Natural & untreated
Die b, mat kork besteht aus Naturkautschuk, einem nachwachsenden Rohstoff aus dem Milchsaft des Kautschukbaums, und aus natürlichem Kork.
Recycling & degradability
Both natural rubber and natural cork are completely biodegradable. Cork is also easily recyclable.
About the label Halfmoon was founded in 1989 in British Columbia, Canada, with the intention... more
Product information "Yoga mat b, mat cork - Natural"

About the label

Halfmoon was founded in 1989 in British Columbia, Canada, with the intention of providing high quality yoga props to a growing community. What started as an idea sparked by a riverside yoga practice in India became the foundation of something much bigger.

B Yoga was founded in Ontario, Canada in 2014 with the Founded on parallel inspirations to provide the yoga community with simple, lasting yoga products.

In 2018, these two brands came together as sisters deeply rooted in shared values ​​and a vision to advance a lifelong practice and to support. Now they have joined forces as a unit to form b, halfmoon so that together they can achieve a greater impact.

Width: Standard (61 cm)
Length: Standard (180-185 cm)
Thickness: 3-4mm
Material: Cork
Yoga Style: Dynamic / Sweaty
Order number: GY3861
Care and cleaning : Cork is naturally antimicrobial and makes it difficult for bacteria to... more

Care and cleaning: Cork is naturally antimicrobial and makes it difficult for bacteria to survive in the mat. We recommend wiping the mat with a damp, soft cloth after each use or removing sweat and surface dirt with a natural mat cleaner and a soft cloth.

Note: The cork will eventually crack due to natural wear and tear over the course of use; these cracks should not be torn or ripped open any further. 

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24 Apr 2022


Ich hatte bisher eine günstige PVC Matte, bin da, wenn es anstrengend war, gerne mal gerutscht. Hatte ein bisschen Bammel, das Kork nix ist, bin aber wirklich begeistert, ich rutsche nicht und den Geruch der Matte finde ich absolut okay.

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Yoga mat b mat strong - Charcoal
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