Cork Fascia Roll - Medium

Cork Fascia Roll - Medium

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  • GY1475
  • Perfect for relieving tension and stiff muscles: the cork fascia roll allows to simply roll away glued fascia and resulting muscle pain.

    • Measurements: 30 x 15 cm
    • Weight: ca. 1.5 kg
    • Material: cork
    • Level: hard

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Ocean to Ocean stands for fair pay, respect for human rights and high occupational safety.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
The fascia roll is eco-friendly made of cork, a natural, renewable resource.
Natural & untreated
The cork products are manufactured according to the guidelines of the REACH regulation and are subject to continuous quality controls for highest product quality. The production facility is FSC certified.
Sustainable & durable
Due to the robust natural cork, the foam roller from Ocean to Ocean is particularly stable and durable.
Recycling & degradability
Natural cork is recyclable and can be used, for example, as insulating material or foam substitute.
CO2-saving & emission-free
One ton of cork absorbs about two tons of CO2, a cork block about 1.5 kg. A cork oak whose bark is regularly harvested binds even more than three times as much CO2 as an unused cork oak.
The Ocean to Ocean cork products are completely free from animal products and suitable for vegans.
Fascia is a soft connective tissue layer that spans the entire muscular system like a net. By... more
Product information "Cork Fascia Roll - Medium"

Fascia is a soft connective tissue layer that spans the entire muscular system like a net. By lack of physical exercise, it can become stiff and cause back or neck pain. The cork fascia roll effectively helps you to regenerate your muscles, increase blood flow in the fascia, regulate stress levels and counteract postural damage. It also helps to improve your agility and increase your strength. Muscles and connective tissue become more elastic; in addition, the fascia ;roll helps your muscles to regenerate ;after yoga. Cork is a natural, renewable resource, eco-friendly and recyclable - for a good feeling in your yoga practice!

Color: Naturkork
Order number: GY1475
Care : If you like, you can wipe your cork fascia roll with a damp cloth. Important : Please... more

Care: If you like, you can wipe your cork fascia roll with a damp cloth.

Important: Please do not put under water or wash with soap, this could damage your fascia roll.

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