Video Workout with Dumbbells - Flow Like Water

Video Workout with Dumbbells:
Flow Like Water

A cooperation with Casall and Sarah Gluschke

Connect with the element of water! In this workout, you will encounter flowing yoga movements. You will also train your entire body. Because water is not only soft, but powerful, too.

Training time: 20 minutes
Material: Mat, Casall Dumbbells (optional)
Level: All levels


Perfect for your home workout

This workout proves: Dumbbells and yoga make a great pair! You can integrate the dumbbells into your workout and train every part of your body. The dumbbells by Casall have a very soft grip thanks to the neoprene coating, and they leave no marks on the floor. 

Flow Like Water Workout with Sarah Gluschke

You warm up with flowing yoga movements. Then let's go: We have 17 exercises, each of which you will perform for 45 seconds. Then there is a 15-second break. You finish the workout as you started it: With flowing movements! 

Notes for a mindful practice

A soft start

Warm up your body before training. This goes without saying, but our everyday life sometimes makes us careless.


Breathing plays a key role in yoga and training. The yoga postures in this workout remind you to breathe mindfully. Also keep an eye on your breath while you exercise.

Listen to your body

Curiously play with the limits of your body without exceeding them.

Smooth transitions

Create a smooth transition from tension to relaxation. Gentle yoga, as Sarah demonstrates in this workout, helps your body transition into relaxation. You can also add to your workout with a little meditation.



Sarah Gluschke is a yoga teacher and health coach. Her mission is to get people back in touch with themselves, to show them how uncomplicated and simple healthy eating can be and how much fun exercise can be. On her Instagram channel, Sarah posts about yoga, sports, mindset and vegan nutrition daily.

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