To higher vibrations together: Living Yolates

To higher vibrations together: Living Yolates 

An interview with Mikkala Marilyn Kissi


Mikkala Marilyn Kissi

FOUNDER OF Living Yolates

Mikkala Marilyn Kissi from Denmark grew up on the principle that she can do anything if she only believes strongly enough. And she believes: in the connection of body, mind and soul, which is substitutional for a healthy, happy and balanced life. For Mikkala, the path leading there opened up through movement; first in dance, later in yoga. However, when she found the dogmas in yoga too restrictive, she developed her very own style of movement, which is composed of elements from dance, Pilates and yoga. Mikkala wants to make her holistic programme of movement and a positive attitude towards life accessible to everyone around the world; and so she manifested her belief in the harmony of body, mind and soul by creating Living Yolates.

Feel free to introduce yourselves first. Who are you and what is your mission and vision?

Mikkala: I’m Mikkala Marilyn Kissi, founder of the holistic movement method and philosophy Living Yolates! I am a trained professional dancer, a musician, have certifications in yoga, pilates, nutrition, femal empowerment/leadership, and Chinese medicine. All these aspects together inform and inspire me to share the Living Yolates lifestyle that connects body, mind, and spirit to allow for optimal health, an abundant life, and a conscious understanding of nature and her rhythms -- that’s my mission! My vision is that Living Yolates continues to grow not only by the number of students but also by the number of teachers so that it can be taught and practiced by more people throughout the world, connecting humans back to their unique essence, nature, and power.

What is Living Yolates?

Mikkala: Living Yolates is both a way of moving and a way of living. Built upon these 7 basic elements:

Mental awareness
Physical movement
Letting go of stagnation
Openness to positive change
Unique personal expression
A divine connection to universal energy

Living Yolates aims to meet each person where they are, supporting them with what they need to balance and nourish. There are three movement styles Soft, Strong, and Dancing, and each one has its own flow and personality that blend together beautifully over the course of a week, month, year to create a comprehensive and complete training program for mind, body, and spirit.

For whom is Living Yolates suitable? Do I need to have dance, pilates or yoga experience to participate? 

Mikkala: Living Yolates is for everybody and every body. The elements, movements, principles, and practices can be modified, adjusted, and/or intensified depending on your abilities, your personal path to wellness, ready to support you to go as deep or as shallow as you’re ready to go. Though dance, pilates, and yoga experience may help you to feel more comfortable in your body to allow you to connect more quickly to the mind and spirit work, we are all on our own journey and no experience is required to begin. All that is required is a willingness to shed the beliefs that you cannot or should not because you can and are so welcome!

More and more people feel burnt out and stressed. On the other hand, they long for connection to themselves and the world. What do you think is the reason for this discrepancy. How can we find our inner summer and be happier, more energetic and content?

Mikkala: Especially in summer when the masculine Yang energy pushes us forward, into action, this energetic fire can contribute to burn out and stress. Nature has everything we need to balance and find the inner summer that is full of joy, happiness, passion, excitement, expansion, and celebration without feeling depleted or exhausted. Connecting to nature (which we are a part of, not separate from) is the quickest way I know to shed external expectation, to relieve stress, and connect back to myself. A simple walk, a sit under a tree, time without technology listening to the sounds, seeing the colours, and absorbing the sun’s rays or drops of rain onto my skin centers and grounds me every single time. Our cells mimic the vibration we surround ourselves with so if those vibrations are stress, anxious, and overworked, we will be too! Make a conscious choice to balance what/who you surround yourself with to find true happiness, energy, and contentness within yourself.

What is your #1 self-care and self-love rule?

Mikkala: This depends on the day, time of year, and depends on my thought patterns but in general taking care and loving myself looks like finding moments throughout my everyday life that I enjoy and that nourish me that I can be grateful for. Sometimes this is as simple as nourishing my body with an organic meal, sometimes this is taking an hour to dance, sometimes this is holding my daughter’s hand and appreciating it for its simple beauty. Gratitude for these things big or small, throughout my day, everyday is the best way I know how to show myself love, to vibrate on a higher frequency, and to care of my body, mind, and spirit by staying in the moment, and not taking life too seriously or living by too many rules -- life can really be that simple, nourishing, and joyful if you allow it to be.

What is the Living Yolates Circle?

Mikkala: The Living Yolates Circle is our online community of people from all over the world who have chosen to implement the Living Yolates method and philosophy into their lives. Hours of recorded classes (Strong, Soft, Dancing) of various lengths, themes, and energies; courses for supporting the body during pregnancy, increasing self-love, seasonal courses to connect you deeply to the rhythms of the year, and so much more allow you to deep dive into a universe of content meant to encourage and guide you. Access to weekly livestream sessions connect you to the community as we dance, laugh, and move together as well as mental awareness exercises, meditations, holistic lifestyle tips and recipes, create a holistic platform where you can flourish and play. This is a subscription-based program that helps to support and continue the important work and mission that Living Yolates brings to the world.

What is your vision for the future?

Mikkala: My vision for the future is for us to achieve a higher vibration. For more of us to heal ourselves, to find the power of self-love, to move our bodies freely and without judgment, to love and support each other, to care for the planet that supports us, and to prioritize the sharing of our unique gifts with the world. We have so much responsibility as humans to use our lives in ways that matter and heal and our modern lives disconnect us from that calling. My hope and vision is that Living Yolates can continue to grow and develop, evolving to meet our ever-changing needs as a world and allow people the permission, the support, and education they need to connect back to themselves, to nature, and to love.

If you want to learn more about Mikkala's holistic philosophy of life and want to join the Living Yolates Circle, you have the opportunity to book a free trial month: 



Living Yolates is a holistic movement method and philosophy of life that supports you on your journey to yourself and to a happy, balanced life. In Living Yolates everything is interconnected; by movement‘s energy, you can find your inner essence and reconnect with yourself and nature. This happens through the community of the Living Yolates Circle, where you can connect online with like-minded people from all over the world.

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