Inspiration for your Yoga Practice: Strength and Energy

Inspiration for your Yoga Practice: Strength and Energy

A cooperation with Kismet and photographer and Yogini Nela König

Floating into Tip Toe Fish

Level: Advanced

In this yoga session, we will flow through different asanas into a variation of Matsyasana, the Tip Toe Fish. This backbend is a wonderful heart opener, as it widens your chest intensely. In addition, in Tip Toe Fish you stretch your abdominal and thigh muscles and stimulate and strengthen the toe joints. On an energetic level, in this posture you stimulate the Sahasrara Chakra, which symbolises the connection between the individual and infinity and stands for higher states of consciousness.
We are curious to see how you like this flow. Try what feels good to you - without forcing anything.

01 Thunderbolt Pose | Vajrasana

Start by sitting on your heels, stretch out your arms above your head, place your right hand on top of the left and begin to move in large circles, as if you were drawing circles in the sky. Stretch your flanks and look for the first gentle backbends. Then place your left hand on the right hand and repeat, changing direction as you circle.


02 Three-Legged Downward Dog | Eka Pada Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Flow through 5 sun salutations to warm up, then lift your right leg into three-legged downward dog and open your hips mindfully. Keep your shoulders parallel to the mat by pushing the right hand deeper into the ground and slightly lowering your right shoulder.


03 Plank Variation | Phalakasana Variation

While holding Three-Legged Downward Dog, inhale. Then, exhaling, pull your right knee close to your left elbow, activating your abdominal muscles. Inhaling, come back into Three-Legged Dog. Repeat 3 times.


04 Wild Thing | Camatkarasana

Lift your right leg back up in the air, open your hips mindfully and place your foot behind you, coming into backbend Wild Thing. Remain here for 5 breaths, opening your heart to the sky. Keep your right leg bent and your left leg stretched.


05 Low Lunge | Anjaneyasana

Come into Downward Dog, lift your right leg, and while exhaling, place the right foot in front of you between your hands. Inhaling, straighten your spine, stretch out your arms above your head and come into Anjaneyasana. Let your pelvis sink to the mat, activate your abdominal muscles and out of this stability, bend your back and open your chest widely. Remain for 5 deep breaths.


06 Low Lunge Variation | Anjaneyasana Variation

Keep your front leg bent and, if possible, reach for your left foot with your left hand. Pull it closer to you carefully, so that you feel an intense stretch in your left front thigh and groin. Lift your right arm and once again open your heart. Pause for 5 breaths and welcome the duality of this asana: Your pelvis presses towards the earth, your heart strives towards the sky. Repeat the whole flow with Asanas 02 to 06 on the left side.


07 Sphinx | Ardha Bhujangasana

Lie on your belly, place your elbows under your shoulders and press your fingers into the mat. Press your pubic bone and the backs of your feet into the floor, activating your legs. Then push your chest forward and up, find an intense heart opening and stay for 10 breaths.


08 Half Frog Pose | Ardha Bhekasana

Angle your right forearm, placing it on your mat parallel to its edge. Keep your chest wide open. Then grasp your left foot with your left hand and gently try to push it past your buttocks towards the ground. You should feel an intense stretch in your front thigh again. Hold for 5 breaths and then switch sides.


09 Reclining  Hero | Supta Virasana

Come back into Downward Dog and flow through a vinyasa. Then come into Hero Pose, Virasana. If it feels good to you, just stay here and keep your spine straight, that can already be enough. If you want to go into Supta Virasana, lower your back and lean onto your elbows first, lift your pelvis briefly to regain length in your lower back, and then bring your back down completely. Remain here for 10 breaths and continue to lengthen your front thighs.


10 Bridge Pose | Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Lie on your back, place your feet hip-distance apart close to your buttocks, lift your pelvis, clasp your hands underneath you and stretch your arms. Press your feet into the mat, energetically bring your knees together and your thighs forward. Raise your pelvis as high as you can and push your hands towards your feet. Breathe into your chest, bringing wideness and permeability to your heart. Remain for 10 breaths.


11 Peak Pose: Tip Toe Fish | Matsyasana Variation

Now you are perfectly warmed up for our Peak Pose - Tip Toe Fish. Place your feet close to your buttocks and lift your pelvis. Bring your feet together and then right under your pelvis. Bring your hands next to your ears, find a deep backbend and gently come onto your mat with the crown of your head. Then slowly lower your knees back towards the mat. If possible, your knees should not hover in the air. Balance on your knees, the balls of your feet and the crown of your head, bring your hands into Anjali Mudra and stretch your arms forward and up. Breathe freedom into your chest, open your heart and fill up with new life energy.




With Kismet Yogastyle, entrepreneur Sylvia and designer Sandra fulfilled a long-held wish: To be able to live their ecological and human values in their professional lives and to create casual, sustainable yoga wear for yogis to feel good in, without having to make any fashion compromises.

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