Yoga Mat B MAT Traveller - Deep Purple

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  • GY2116
  • Every benefit of the B MAT in a particularly thin and light travel version: The high-performance yoga mat B MAT Traveller provides perfect grip thanks to its rough rubber surface. It can be folded so that it will even fit in your hand luggage.

    • Dimensions: Optionally approx. 180 cm or 215 cm x 66 cm x 0.2 cm
    • Weight: Approx. 1,2 kg resp. 1,6 kg (since each mat is unique, the weight can vary up to 250 g)
    • Material: Mix of synthetic and natural rubber, 99% latex-free
    • Oeko-Tex certified
    • Suitable for all common yoga styles
    • For all yogis up to a height of approx. 175 cm resp. 210 cm
    • Colour: Deep Purple
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Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible

B Yoga lives a responsible and fair way of dealing with people and the environment.

Natural & untreated

The B MATs mainly consist of natural rubber, a renewable raw material made from the latex of the rubber tree.

Sustainable & durable

Thanks to the material mix of natural and synthetic rubber, the B MAT is much more sturdy than pure natural rubber mats and, if used and cared for properly, will last for years.

Recycling & degradability

Natural rubber is completely biodegradable. The material mix also contains a small amount of recycled synthetic rubber, which makes the mat particularly stable.

Place of manufacture

The B MATs are designed in Canada and produced in Spain.


The B MATs are completely free from animal products and suitable for vegans.

The B MAT by B Yoga is one of the most sturdy and durable natural rubber yoga mats. It combines... more
Product information "Yoga Mat B MAT Traveller - Deep Purple"

The B MAT by B Yoga is one of the most sturdy and durable natural rubber yoga mats. It combines perfect slip resistance with a fantastic performance and is an absolute first class mat, since it even is certified according to Oeko Tex Standard 100. For natural rubber mats, this certification is as much as unique. The B MAT Traveller is particularly easy to transport thanks to its super-thin design: Whether rolled up or folded, this mat is perfect for travelling and will make a great topper for studio mats as well.

The B MAT consists of a material mix of natural and synthetic rubber in three different layers, each of which fulfills specific tasks:

  • Durability (upper layer): The surface structure offers excellent grip. The surface has a closed cell structure that prevents sweat from penetrating the mat and combats the formation of bacteria.
  • Damping (middle layer): The foam middle layer guarantees excellent comfort.
  • Durability and adhesion (lower layer): The surface has a closed-cell structure like the upper layer and adheres perfectly to any floor (except carpet) so you won’t slip during your yoga practice.

The B MAT Traveller is one of the most sturdy travel mats and suitable for all yoga styles. Due to its extremely thin construction it is nevertheless less stable than its big sisters Strong and Everyday and may show signs of abrasion after a while when used for very demanding yoga styles.

The great colours of the B MATs can be perfectly matched with your yoga outfit.

Color: Violet
Yoga Level: Advanced, Beginner, Professional
Width: Wide (66cm)
Length: Standard (180-185 cm), XL (215 cm)
Thickness: 1-2mm
Material: Natural Rubber
Type of Mat: Travel
Yoga Style: Calm / Static, Meditation
Order number: GY2116
Storage : do not expose your B MAT to excessively high temperatures. If the mat has become... more

Storage: do not expose your B MAT to excessively high temperatures. If the mat has become slightly moist due to sweat or water, leave it to dry before rolling it up.

Usage: The B MAT series mat is made from natural, biodegradable rubber and has been manufactured without the use of any toxic adhesive or foaming agents. These materials have a natural intrinsic smell. Because no chemicals have been used to neutralise the rubbery smell and the mat is packaged to protect it during storage and transport, the mat can have a strong odour after unpacking it. However, this odour is perceived differently by everyone and it does fade away in the course of time, after which the mat will then smell just like any other one. Sometimes, fresh air can work wonders to lessen the odour! The best way of doing this is to air the mat for 24 hours before its first usage and rub it down with a moist cloth. Alternatively, you can also use a special care product designed for our B MAT Series: B CLEAN mat cleaner is a vinegar-based cleaning agent for your mat which combats odours and bacteria and at the same time restores your mat’s grip power.

We do not recommend the B MAT for people who are allergic to latex.

Cleaning: for optimal cleaning, we recommend the professional care spray B Clean, or a self-prepared solution of water and organic cider vinegar (50/50). Please do not put the mat in the washing machine because this attacks the material and causes the mat to swell up like a sponge.

Storage: Do not expose your B MAT to excessive sunlight or heat. Even indirect sunlight may... more

Storage: Do not expose your B MAT to excessive sunlight or heat. Even indirect sunlight may cause discoloration of the natural rubber material. It is best to keep your B MAT protected from light in a mat bag.

If the mat has become damp from sweat or water, always allow it to dry completely before rolling it up.

The B MAT Traveller is foldable and fits perfectly in your hand luggage. However, you should not store it folded for a longer period of time, but always rolled up, as otherwise it can carry off permanent kinks. 

Use: The B MAT consists of natural, biodegradable natural rubber and a small amount of synthetic rubber. It is manufactured without toxic glues, blowing agents or odour binders; therefore the natural inherent odour of the rubber material can be perceived as quite strong at the beginning. However, it will fade over time. You can find out more about the natural rubber odor and tips on how to get rid of it more quickly on our help pages.

B MATs can attract dust at the beginning; this will also pass over time.

We do not recommend B MATs if you have a latex allergy.

Cleaning: For perfect cleaning, we recommend the professional care spray Mat Wash or a homemade solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:3. The mat can be showered gently from both sides, but make sure that no water runs over the edges into the mat.

Please do not put the mat into the washing machine as this will attack the material and the mat will soak up water like a sponge.

You can find more tips on how to care for your yoga mat in our yoga mat care guide.

Customer review for "Yoga Mat B MAT Traveller - Deep Purple"
9 Jul 2020

Super rutschfest bei angenehmer Oberfläche.

Sehr schöne sehr rutschfeste Matte! Leichter aber nicht zu sehr störender Geruch beim Auspacken. Werde sie jetzt wie empfohlen ein paar Tage lüften.

2 Oct 2018

Absolut rutschfest!

Die neue B-Yoga Matte ist der Hammer! Endlich mal eine, wo ich echt nicht rutsche!

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