Asana Card Set

Asana Card Set

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  • GY8746
    • Set of 54 cards
    • Help with the correct physical alignment of the asanas
    • Material cards: Envirotop paper (100% recycled paper, FSC-certified, Blue Angel certified)
    • Material booklet: PPEFC™ certified (70% PEFC)
    • Made in Germany

Greenyogashop criteria

The cards are made from 100% recycled paper with "Blue Angel" certification.
Recycling & degradability
Cards made from 100% recycled paper.
Place of manufacture
The set is 100% made in Germany and printed in Berlin. The card sets are personally sorted and packed by hand by Katja and Manu from Yoga Flow.
Create individual yoga sequences for your physical and mental focus. The 54 different cards help... more
Product information "Asana Card Set"

Create individual yoga sequences for your physical and mental focus. The 54 different cards help you with the correct physical alignment of the asanas, convey the inner and outer effect of the pose and which chakra is influenced by it. The card set gives you inspiration on how to combine asanas in a meaningful way. In the enclosed booklet you will find a lot of background information as well as various YOUR YOGA FLOW sequences. Illustrated by Manuela Wolf, 2021.

Your Yoga Flow is Katja Hubl and Manu Wolf. Katja tried her first sun salutations as a teenager, but it took a few more years before she developed her own yoga practice. Traveling around the world, she became aware that yoga also takes place off the mat. She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Yin and Pre-/Postnatal Yoga. In her lessons, it is particularly important to her that the sequence makes sense for the body, taking into account the smallest details in the individual poses and transitions. In her yoga classes, she conveys that appreciation and gratitude not only help us to advance in asana practice.
As a communication designer, Manu oscillates between graphics, illustration and photography. She loves the challenge of always getting used to new tasks and projects. After three years as a manager in a Berlin social media agency and the last Corona winter, it was high time for something new. Variety is important to her and the freedom to decide what to do, how and when. When she signed her first project contract for three months, it was tantamount to a marriage proposal with a blind date... But she had long longed for her own project, her own baby, preferably with a second great person. And one night YOUR YOGA FLOW was born.

Order number: GY8746
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