Yoga Pants Peace - Urban Black

Yoga Pants Peace - Urban Black

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  • GY6700-1
  • Miracle in the Making - The Maternity Collection by Urban Goddess: The Peace yoga pants are made of super soft cotton and gently support your baby bump with their wide fold-over waistband.

    • Material: 92% Organic cotton, 8% elastane
    • Wide, stretchy fold-over waistband
    • Slightly flared leg
    • Breathable and stretchy
    • Cooling feeling, antibacterial properties
    • Colour: Black

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible

Urban Goddess lässt sich faire und soziale Arbeitsbedingungen von allen in den Produktionsprozess involvierten Betrieben mit einem Zertifikat bescheinigen und überwacht eigenständig die Einhaltung der sozialen Vorgaben.


Urban Goddess verarbeitet hauptsächlich GOTS-zertifizierte Baumwolle aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau. Es werden keine schädlichen Stoffe verwendet.

Recycling & degradability

Urban Goddess achtet bei allen Partnern auf einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit sämtlichen Abfallprodukten.

CO2-saving & emission-free

Urban Goddess achtet bei allen Partnern auf einen sparsamen Energieverbrauch.


Urban Goddess Yoga Wear ist zu 100% frei von tierischen Produkten und für Veganer geeignet.

The Amsterdam-based label Urban Goddess has been creating stylish yoga wear since 2013 that is... more
Product information "Yoga Pants Peace - Urban Black"

The Amsterdam-based label Urban Goddess has been creating stylish yoga wear since 2013 that is hip, honest and affordable and with which every yogini can feel like an urban goddess. Thanks to wonderfully soft materials, Urban Goddess clothing is not only extremely comfortable to wear during yoga, but can also be wonderfully combined with your leisure wardrobe. Urban Goddess Yoga Wear is made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and is usually GOTS certified. This guarantees emission-free, environmentally conscious and energy-saving production under fair and social working conditions.

Größe: L, M, S
Beinlänge: Lang
Anlass: Freizeit, Meditation, Yoga
Color: Black, Plain Colour
Material: Organic Cotton
Order number: GY6700-1
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28 Dec 2023


Perfekte, bequeme und qualitative Yogahose

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Yoga pants Bliss - Urban Black
€52.95 * €74.95 *