Yoga Mat PROlite - Sage

Yoga Mat PROlite - Sage

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  • GY3935
  • Each benefit of Manduka´s PRO series in a thinner and lighter version: The PROlite yoga mats belong to the most popular mats among yoga pros. They are made of indestructible PVC, are suitable for fitness, workouts and outdoor use and will last you a lifetime even with heavy use.

    • Material: PVC - 100% latex-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.
    • Dimensions: 180 cm x 61 cm x 0.45 cm
    • Weight: Approx. 1.8 kg (as each mat is unique, the weight can vary by up to 250 g)
    • Lifetime manufacturer`s guarantee
    • Nicely cushioned
    • Hygienic closed-cell surface
    • Especially suitable for active yoga styles (for heavy perspiration, place a mat towel underneath or use Manduka Grip Gel)
    • For all yogis up to a height of approx. 175 cm (taller yogis go for the XL version)

    Before ordering several mats to choose from, please read our tips and advice.

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Manduka always respects fair and social working conditions and imposes strict conditions on all production sites.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
During the production process of the PROlite mats, Manduka pays attention to an energy-conscious, eco-friendly and minimal waste production. Designed to last years, the PRO Series curb the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and reduces overall mat consumption.
The entire PRO series by Manduka is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (12.HUS.17706 | Hohenstein HTTI).
Sustainable & durable
Manduka grants a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for the entire PRO Series` mats.
Recycling & degradability
PVC is fully recyclable. You can send us your old PROlite yoga mat for recycling via our ContinuOM Collective project.
Place of manufacture
The Manduka PRO series` yoga mats are manufactured in Germany.
CO2-saving & emission-free
No toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere during the production of Manduka PROlite yoga mats. The absence of harmful substances in the PRO mats is proven by their Oeko-Tex certification.
Manduka PROlite yoga mats are completely free of animal products and suitable for vegans.
Manduka's PRO series is designed to withstand the highest strains; that's why PROlite... more
Product information "Yoga Mat PROlite - Sage"

Manduka's PRO series is designed to withstand the highest strains; that's why PROlite yoga mats are especially popular with yoga teachers around the world. No matter how vigorously you use your yoga mat, it will last a lifetime, and it is also relatively easy to care for, because due to its closed-cell surface no sweat or bacteria can penetrate the mat.

With frequent use, the PROlite develops a very good slip resistance, and due to the strong cushioning knees and joints are best protected, no matter how hard the floor. Manuka's specially developed bottom structure prevents the mat from slipping on the floor, allowing you to fully concentrate on yourself and your exercises. A professional mat for those who want to practice yoga intensively!

Please note our information on PVC mats under "Care and cleaning".

Type of Mat: Allrounder
Yogalevel: Anfänger, Fortgeschritten, Profi
Color: Green
Width: Standard (61 cm)
Length: Standard (180-185 cm)
Thickness: 3-4mm
Material: PVC
Yoga Style: Calm / Static, Dynamic / Sweaty, Meditation
Order number: GY3935
Storage : We recommend rolling up your Manduka PROlite with the upper side facing outwards.... more

Storage: We recommend rolling up your Manduka PROlite with the upper side facing outwards. This ensures that the corners of the mat will stay on the floor during your yoga exercises and that your thoughts can stay with you.

Usage: The surface structure of the Manduka PROlite improves with every use. If you feel you slip on your PROlite in the beginning, Manduka recommends the so-called "Break In" method to make the surface get its grip: you scatter coarse sea salt on the mat, spread it on the surface and leave it there for 24 hours, so the salt can absorb the moisture of the mat. Then simply remove the salt with a damp sponge or cloth and let the mat dry in fresh air. This treatment can be repeated several times, as it may not lead to a complete success after a single time. But beware: before you put your mat on any salting or care treatment, you should be sure that you want to keep it; because a treated mat is of course excluded from the exchange. 

Cleaning: It is best to use the cleaning spray Mat wash Renew, which Manduka has developed especially for cleaning the PRO and PROlite series. Alternatively, you can wipe your mat regularly with a damp cloth. Please do not clean your mat by placing it in the shower or bathe it in water or even putting it in the washing machine. This could ruin the mat (and your washing machine).

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21 Feb 2021

Super rutschig

Ich habe mir diese Matte bestellt, da ich endlich eine hochwertige Yogamatte haben wollte und mich viele Argumente überzeugt haben (zB Produktion in DL, Lebenslange Garantie) allerdings war sie SO unfassbar rutschig, dass auch die Aussicht, da jetzt 3 Monate Yoga drauf machen zu müssen (wird als Wert angegeben, bis sie rutschfest ist) für mich absolut keine Option war weil ich wusste dass ich mich die 3 Monate zum Yoga quälen müsste - und wer versichert mir, dass sie dann auch wirklich rutschfest ist? Somit habe ich mich gegen diese Matte entschieden, was wirklich schade ist da ich sie ansonsten sehr mochte. Für mich die perfekte Dämpfung, tolle Farbe, hochwertige Verarbeitung und sie hat sich wirklich gut angefühlt. Am Ende muss man sich halt fragen, ob es einem Wert ist bei diesen Preis so eine lange "Break-in" Phase durchzumachen. Ich bin zu dem Entschluss gekommen, dass ich für das Geld eine Matte erwarte, die ich sofort benutzen kann.
Disclaimer: ich habe mich nicht getraut, die Salz-Methode anzuwenden, da ich sie zurückschicken wollte. Ich kann also nicht sagen, wie es damit gewesen wäre. Aber sie war wirklich so rutschig, dass ich mir nicht vorstellen kann, dass es dadurch "perfekt" geworden wäre.

Hallo Pauli, es tut uns leid, dass du mit deiner PROlite nicht zufrieden warst. Rutschfestigkeit ist immer ein subjektiver Faktor, den jeder Yogi anders wahrnimmt und bewertet und der nicht nur von der Matte selbst abhängt, sondern vom Zusammenspiel zwischen Nutzer und Matte. Viele Yogis empfinden die PRO-Matten von Beginn an als rutschfest und einen Break In-Prozess als nicht notwendig. Informationen dazu findest du auf unseren Hilfeseiten. Du hast also alles richtig gemacht, und wir hoffen, dass du bei uns eine andere Yogamatte gefunden hast, die besser zu dir passt als die PROlite. Herzliche Grüße, dein greenyogashop-Team

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Yoga mat PROlite - Matcha
€103.95 *