Yoga Mat eKO - Acai Midnight

Yoga Mat eKO - Acai Midnight

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  • GY3682
  • Sturdy and eco-friendly: The eKO series´ Yoga Mats by Manduka are made of sustainably sourced natural rubber and are particularly durable thanks to a special surface coating. 

    • Material: Natural rubber (99% latex-free)
    • Dimensions: 180 cm x 61 cm x 0.5 cm
    • Weight: 3.2 kg (as each mat is unique, the weight may vary up to 250 g)
    • Hygienic, closed-pored surface
    • Suitable for all yoga styles
    • If you are warm/sweaty, we recommend adding a mat towel to your practice or use Manduka`s Grip Gel
    • For all yogis up to a height of approx. 175 cm; taller yogis go for the XL version

    Before ordering several mats to choose from, please read our tips and advice.

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible

Manduka always respects fair and social working conditions and imposes strict conditions on all production sites.

Eco-friendly & resource-saving

In the production of the eKO series` mats, Manduka pays attention to energy-conscious and eco-friendly manufacturing with minimal waste production.

Natural & untreated

The eKO series` yoga mats are made of natural rubber, a natural, renewable resource from the milk sap of the rubber tree.

Sustainable & durable

The textile coating makes the eKO series` natural rubber mats particularly stable and durable.

Recycling & degradability

Natural rubber is completely biodegradable.


Manduka yoga mats are completely free of animal products and suitable for vegans.

Manduka`s eKO series` yoga mats are the right choice for eco-conscious yogis who value easy care... more
Product information "Yoga Mat eKO - Acai Midnight"

Manduka`s eKO series` yoga mats are the right choice for eco-conscious yogis who value easy care and long lasting mats. Unlike other natural rubber mats, the eKO has a closed-cell surface, which protects the mat against sweat, dirt and dust; this makes it easy to clean and very durable. In addition, the eKO has a very positive environmental footprint: Natural rubber is fully biodegradable, and Manduka completely eliminates the use of harmful chemicals in the production process.

Manduka`s three-layer technology provides the right grip and the stability of the eKO:

  • The seagrass-like polyester surface structure makes the eKO grippy and particularly longlasting, as it prevents sweat and bacteria from penetrating the mat due to its closed-cell structure.
  • The middle layer consists of an organic cotton/polyester blend and is welded to the top layer at high temperature. No toxic adhesives are used.
  • The bottom layer provides perfect cushioning by a thick, open-cell bottom.

Mix & Match: Find the matching outfit to your eKO yoga mat!

Natural rubber mats have a natural rubber smell that dissipates over time.

Type of Mat: Studio
Yogalevel: Anfänger, Fortgeschritten, Profi
Color: Violet
Width: Standard (61 cm)
Length: Standard (180-185 cm)
Thickness: 5-7mm
Material: Natural Rubber
Yoga Style: Calm / Static, Dynamic / Sweaty, Meditation
Order number: GY3682
Storage : do not expose your Manduka eKO to excessively high temperatures. If the mat has... more

Storage: do not expose your Manduka eKO to excessively high temperatures. If the mat has become slightly moist due to sweat or water, leave it to dry before rolling it up.

Usage: The eKO series mat is made from natural, biodegradable rubber and has been manufactured without the use of any toxic adhesive or foaming agents. These materials have a natural intrinsic smell. Because no chemicals have been used to neutralise the rubbery smell and the mat is packaged to protect it during storage and transport, the mat can have a strong odour after unpacking it. However, this odour is perceived differently by everyone and it does fade away in the course of time, after which the mat will then smell just like any other one. Sometimes, fresh air can work wonders to lessen the odour!  The best way of doing this is to air the mat for 24 hours before its first usage and rub it down with a moist cloth. Alternatively, you can also use a special care product designed for our eKO Series: Mat wash is a vinegar-based cleaning agent for your mat which combats odours and bacteria and at the same time restores your mat’s grip power.

Cleaning: for optimal cleaning, we recommend the professional care spray Manduka Mat wash spray, or a self-prepared solution of water and organic cider vinegar (50/50). Please do not put the mat in the washing machine because this attacks the material and causes the mat to swell up like a sponge.

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23 Jun 2021

Super Matte

Super Matte. Begleitet mich schon seit langer Zeit überall hin. Kann ich uneingeschränkt empfehlen

28 Feb 2021

gut, aber hört nicht auf zu riechen

ich habe dise Joga Matte jetzt seit Juli 2019 und bin eigentlich ganz zufrieden. Sie ist Rutschfest und damit super für Yoga und Fitness geeignet. Leider riecht die Matte immernoch sehr nach Kunststoff-Ausdünstungen, so dass es keinen Spaß macht sie lange zu benutzen. Daher überlege ich Sie gegen eine andere auszutauschen. Bei einer Matte von 90,00 € sollte soetwas nicht der Fall sein.

Liebe Sabina, es tut uns leid, dass du den Geruch deiner Matte als störend empfindest. Er ist jedoch typisch für das natürliche Kautschukmaterial und ein Hinweis darauf, dass bei der Herstellung keine chemischen Geruchsbinder verwendet wurden. Mehr Tipps und Infos zu unseren Matten, den verschiedenen Materialien und ihren Eigenheiten findest du auf unseren Hilfeseiten. Herzliche Grüße, dein greenyogashop-Team