Wild herb tincture - balance

Wild herb tincture - balance

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  • GY9407
    • 'Well' becomes 'balance'. New name, same taste.
    • Healthy wild herbs: chamomile, peppermint, yarrow and meadow caraway.
    • Contents: 500 ml
    • Ideal with meals, for eating or Enjoy as a morning drink
    • 100% local organic ingredients
    • Never heated, no additives

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Kruut works with the Kaspar Hauser Foundation in Berlin, a workshop for people in need of assistance.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
Kruut works with a beekeeper who treats the bees in an appropriate manner. The herb collectors with whom Kruut cooperates have a certified wild area where they can collect. The organic farmers operate their fields in rotational farming. All plants used are native, i.e. H. they are not specially cultivated or imported.
Natural & untreated
All Kruut products are based on natural, local herbs. The tinctures are made by hand and without unnecessary additives. The product is completely raw because it is never heated. All chemical processes are purely natural.
Kruut works with the Kaspar Hauser Foundation in Berlin, a workshop for people in need of assistance.
Sustainable & durable
One bottle lasts more than two weeks because the tinctures are diluted with water.
Recycling & degradability
Kruut's apothecary bottles can be recycled in many ways - for example as soap dispensers or for your own tinctures.
Place of manufacture
Kruut's tinctures are mixed, stirred, extracted and bottled by hand in Berlin. The delivery routes are short because everything from the bottle to the ingredients comes from Germany and neighboring countries.
Application: Very simple: mix 1 tablespoon of Oxymel with a glass of water. Stir and... more
Product information "Wild herb tincture - balance"

Application: Very simple: mix 1 tablespoon of Oxymel with a glass of water. Stir and you're done! Your new morning routine: Balance is ideal in the morning on an empty stomach, before you have breakfast or after a meal. By the way, our Balance variety is also very tasty to bake with. We even developed a sourdough recipe. This Oxymel tastes delicious, minty-fresh and has the pleasant scent of chamomile flowers. A blessing for your inner balance!

The holistic impulse: We love the Balance variety mixed with lukewarm water as a morning ritual. We consciously breathe deeply into our stomachs ten times and enjoy the golden-yellow elixir sip by sip. Did you know that lukewarm water stimulates digestion? This means your breakfast can be digested better.

Ingredients: 100% organic: blossom honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, chamomile, peppermint, yarrow, meadow cumin

About the label

The Berlin label Kruut brings tried-and-tested knowledge back into your everyday life: The refreshing-tart krä uterine extracts are based on a recipe that is thousands of years old and contain exclusively local superfoods such as groundweed, nettle and the like. Kruut stands for one step e.g. back back nä nutrient-rich nature and the knowledge of how to use it. Made with values ​​that are often neglected today: time & dedication.

Order number: GY9407
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Wild herb tincture - Ruhe 500 ml
Content 0.5 Liter (€63.90 * / 1 Liter)
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