White Chai with Turmeric- Focus & Mental Clarity

White Chai with Turmeric- Focus & Mental Clarity

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  • GY8528
    • Ayurvedic tea infusion as a double dose of grains + herbs
    • Content: 80 g
    • No additives or aromas
    • A variant of a traditional chai, the white tea leaves from Pai Mu Tan used for gentle and steady energy
    • Cinnamon and turmeric act as allies of insight
    • Spicy clove, fennel and coriander clear a dull, overflowing mind

Greenyogashop criteria

Natural & untreated
100% natural, organic. No artificial flavors, no additives.
The tea infusions from Cosmic Dealer are based on purely natural ingredients.
Place of manufacture
Cosmic Dealer tea infusions are produced in Paris (France).
The tea infusions from Cosmic Dealer are 100% free from animal products and suitable for vegans.
French label Cosmic Dealer is run by modern women curious about ancient health rituals and... more
Product information "White Chai with Turmeric- Focus & Mental Clarity"

French label Cosmic Dealer is run by modern women curious about ancient health rituals and always on the lookout for niche wellness products that really work.

Ingredients: Bai Mu Tan* white tea*, fennel*, cinnamon*, turmeric*, coriander seeds*, cloves*
* From certified organic farming

May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, milk, nuts and sesame seeds. Products are gluten and dairy free, but as a precaution, Cosmic Dealer advises that traces may be present as herbal suppliers handle some of these items.

Preparation: Take a teaspoon from each side of the box to prepare your tea. Or dose as you like: it's your potion to play with.

So why this double dose?
Normally when you try to mix grains and herbs into loose tea, the grains just sink to the bottom as they are heavier. However, Cosmic Dealer wanted to achieve a high dose of the beautiful malty roasted aroma and divided the box into two halves: grains on one side, herbs on the other - literally a DOUBLE DOSE of tea.

Order number: GY8528
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Grain and Herbal Tea - Roasted Buckwheat
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