T-Shirt JAAMES CLASSIC - Used Grey

T-Shirt JAAMES CLASSIC - Used Grey

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  • GY9009-1
    • Material: 50 % cotton (recycled), 50 % lyocell (TENCEL™)
    • Regular fit t-shirt
    • With logo print
    • Place of production: Barcelos, Portugal
    • Measurements 72 cm

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
ARMEDANGELS are a member of the "Fair Wear Foundation" whose goal it is to improve working conditions in textile mills worldwide. Among other things, the foundation is committed to secure jobs, pay fair wages and ban child labour.
PETA approved vegan: This product does not contain any animal ingredients and is marked with the logo of the animal rights organization PETA to make vegan shopping easier.
Recycling & degradability
This product is made from 50% recycled materials. GRS, CU-1085700: Thanks to this standard, you can be sure that the recycled content is safe and traceable. In addition, GRS locations must meet strict social and ecological requirements. Harmful chemicals must not be used.
The Cologne-based label ARMEDANGELS sees itself as a kind of Robin Hood of the fashion industry:... more
Product information "T-Shirt JAAMES CLASSIC - Used Grey"

The Cologne-based label ARMEDANGELS sees itself as a kind of Robin Hood of the fashion industry: an armed angel in the fight against injustice and abuses in the industry, who doesn't just talk, but lets his actions speak for themselves. That is why ARMEDANGELS produces under socially and ecologically fair conditions and relies on transparency throughout the supply chain. In addition, ARMEDANGELS consistently uses environmentally friendly materials that are carefully selected based on a strict sustainability catalogue. Production takes place in accordance with the guidelines of GOTS, a global certification standard which, among other things, strictly regulates the use of chemicals during production.

Size table (cm):




















93⁠⁠- ;⁠⁠98


Größe: L, M, S, XL, XXL
Design: Einfarbig
Neckline: Round neck
Sleeve length: Short-sleeved
Color: Grey
Material: Recycled Materials
Order number: GY9009-1
30° Feinwäsche. Trocknen im Trockner nicht möglich. Keine chemische Reinigung. Nicht bleichen.... more

30° Feinwäsche. Trocknen im Trockner nicht möglich. Keine chemische Reinigung. Nicht bleichen. Nicht heiß bügeln.

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T-Shirt BAZAAO FLAMÉ - Night Sky
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