Pile Jacket - Dusky Teal

Pile Jacket - Dusky Teal

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  • GY9194-2
    • Fabric: 100% polyester
    • Floral made from 100% recycled polyester
    • Full zip at center front
    • Front pockets with zip
    • Regular fit

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Casall supports many social projects, such as the Swedish organization Söderköpings Återvinning, which is dedicated to charitable work in the areas of human aid, environment/recycling and job creation. Casall also supports various SOS Children's Villages.
Recycling & degradability
Pile made from 100% recycled polyester
A cozy, stitched teddy jacket in luxurious fleece that's soft inside and out. Made from... more
Product information "Pile Jacket - Dusky Teal"

A cozy, stitched teddy jacket in luxurious fleece that's soft inside and out. Made from 100% recycled polyester. The jacket has a regular fit, zip pockets, a comfortable hood and a high collar. A garment to fall in love with that you will wear for a long time!

About the label

Casall knows what matters when it comes to training. Together with personal trainers and medical experts, the Swedish label designs high-quality fitness tools and active wear that will master every challenge with you. Functional quality fabrics combined with ergonomic designs and fantastic, elegant styles result in perfect harmony between form and function. Casall does not compromise on their corporate values and strives to work as sustainably as possible in all areas.

Size Chart (cm):



Größe: L, M, S
Sleeve length: Long-sleeved
Design: Einfarbig
Color: Green
Material: Funktionsmaterialien
Order number: GY9194-2
Wir empfehlen, bei 40°C zu waschen, nicht im Wäschetrockner zu trocknen, nicht zu bleichen und... more

Wir empfehlen, bei 40°C zu waschen, nicht im Wäschetrockner zu trocknen, nicht zu bleichen und keinen Weichspüler zu verwenden.

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Pile Half Zip - Dusky Teal
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Pile Jacket - Off White
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