A light grip to carry

The Kurma Lite Grip is two millimeters thinner than the Kurma Grip, which means it weighs less and is ideal for taking it to a yoga studio. Kurma has been producing high quality PVC yoga mats for more than 30 years. This knowledge and a lot of innovative ideas were put into the development of the new generation of Kurma mats. The result is a mat with an optimized surface that overshadows other PVC mats when it comes to slip resistance. The new, improved surface of the Kurma yoga mat has a fine structure embossing, that makes the mats especially grippy. With each use, the surface gets rougher and rougher, and you will quickly find out why Kurma called this mat series "Grip"!


The turtle among yoga mats

The Kurma Lite Grip is made of extra durable PVC. It is so stable that it will have a very, very long mat life – as long as a turtle’s life, because that is the translation of "Kurma". With a Kurma Yoga mat, you will not need a new mat all your life; this way, you will contribute to a general waste reduction as well. The Kurma Lite Grip is made of medical PVC without waste production or pollutant emission and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This truly makes it an ecologically acceptable alternative choice to natural rubber mats, which are often far less durable.