Jumpsuit Waterfall - Midnight Blue

Jumpsuit Waterfall - Midnight Blue

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  • GY2391-1
    • Outer fabric material: jersey, 94% viscose (bamboo), 6% elastane, free from AZO dyes
    • Flowing jumpsuit with a waterfall neckline and a sophisticated cut-out in the back
    • Jewel for yoga/pilates practice with suitability for everyday use
    • Fit: normal, inner leg length: 78 cm for size S, outer leg length: 96 cm for size S

Greenyogashop criteria

Eco-friendly & resource-saving
Curare's Flow collection consists of fine bamboo viscose. The environmentally friendly bamboo cellulose jersey is produced without AZO dyes and feels silky soft on the skin. In addition to a silky sheen and a soft feel, bamboo viscose has many advantages: It regulates temperature and is breathable and has an antibacterial effect. The raw material bamboo is particularly sustainable because it grows back quickly and requires no fertilizer or pesticides - and at the same time low water requirements.
The yoga-crazy clothing professionals at Hamburg-based label Curare design yoga clothes that are... more
Product information "Jumpsuit Waterfall - Midnight Blue"

The yoga-crazy clothing professionals at Hamburg-based label Curare design yoga clothes that are highly suitable for everyday use: uncomplicated pieces with love for detail, tested by yoga teachers, perfect off the mat, too. The preferred raw material for the Curare collections is bamboo. It is particularly sustainable in cultivation, needs little water and neither fertiliser nor pesticides. It is also very productive: eight kilograms of bamboo are turned into one kilogram of yarn. Incidentally, the type of bamboo used by Curare is not one of the varieties preferred by pandas. With this sustainable, versatile concept, Curare has long been the most popular brand for yoga clothing in Germany.

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Größe: L, M, S, XL, XS
Anlass: After Class, Freizeit, Yoga
Color: Blue
Material: Bamboo, Natural Materials
Order number: GY2391-1
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Jumpsuit Waterfall - Black
€49.95 * €89.95 *
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Jumpsuit Tori - Black
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