Jade - Harmony Professional - Sky Blue (188) - ReMAT

Jade - Harmony Professional - Sky Blue (188) - ReMAT

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  • GY8748-2-rm
  • Our ReMAT! Tested, processed, repackaged for the sake of the environment - give a yoga mat a second chance!

    More non-slip than almost any other yoga mat: US label JadeYoga's Harmony Professional is the undisputed number one among natural rubber mats. It owes its supergrip to the open-cell surface structure.

    • Material: Natural rubber from South American rubber trees
    • Dimensions: 188 x 61 x 0.5 cm
    • Weight: 2.4 kg (can vary up to 250g)
    • Reversible - can be used on both sides
    • Suitable for calmer yoga styles
    • For all yogis up to a height of approx. 183 cm

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
The US label JadeYoga has its yoga mats produced under American environmental, labor and consumer protection laws. All companies involved in the production work under strict conditions.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
For every yoga mat sold, JadeYoga plants a tree. Every single tree stores CO2 and produces oxygen in return.
Natural & untreated
Jade yoga mats are made of natural rubber, a natural, rapidly renewable raw material. They contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubbers.
Recycling & degradability
Natural rubber is completely biodegradable.
Place of manufacture
Jade yoga mats are made in the USA.
Jade yoga mats are 100% free from animal products and suitable for vegans.
About ReMats Our ReMATs are returned mats from which the original packaging has been removed.... more
Product information "Jade - Harmony Professional - Sky Blue (188) - ReMAT"

About ReMats

Our ReMATs are returned mats from which the original packaging has been removed. These mats may have cosmetic defects, but have not lost any of their function. We reprocess the mats after careful inspection. You will receive the ReMAT from us at a special price.

If you order a ReMAT, we ask you to do so with great care and, if possible, not to return it. This is the only way we can offer a sensible recycling cycle that does not end in an endless spiral of repeated returns. Please always read the product description carefully.

About the mat

No more slipping and sliding on your yoga mat with the Jade Harmony Professional: The open-cell structure of the mat surface provides perfect grip in every asana. In addition, the Harmony is particularly sustainable: It consists of natural rubber, which is 100% biodegradable. Manufacturer JadeYoga also promises to plant a tree for every mat sold - that's already over 2 million trees! Perfect grip, eco-friendly - what more can any yogi ask for?

Jade yoga mats have a natural rubber smell that dissipates over time.


Design: Einfarbig
Thickness: High (5-6 mm)
Color: Blue
Width: Standard (61 cm)
Length: 173cm, 188cm, Kurz (173 cm), Lang (188-203 cm)
Material: Natural Rubber
Yoga Style: Meditation, Ruhig / Statisch
Order number: GY8748-2-rm
Note : Jade yoga mats are not suitable if you have a latex allergy! First impression :... more

Note: Jade yoga mats are not suitable if you have a latex allergy!

First impression: The mat surface changes with use and proper care. So if your new mat doesn't seem one hundred percent slip-proof at first, don't worry: The final grip will develop after a short training period. 

Care and cleaning: Wipe regularly and especially after each intensive use with a damp cloth and allow to dry thoroughly. For a deeper cleaning, Jade recommends their very own mat cleaner, as it is especially adapted to the needs of Jade yoga mats. Always allow the mat to dry thoroughly after cleaning, preferably hung over a clothes horse or chair back.

Natural rubber mats should never be cleaned with soap or oily substances, as this impairs the slip resistance and damages the natural material. Also, please do not clean your Jade mat in a washing machine.

You can find more information in our yoga mat care guide.

Storage: Your Jade mat should be stored away from sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations, preferably in a yoga mat bag. As natural rubber is very sensitive to sunlight, Jade generally advises against using the mats outside. If you don`t use your mat for a longer period of time, you should still occasionally roll it out and wipe it with a damp cloth to prevent the natural rubber from drying out. 

Smell: In the beginning, natural rubber mats can have a particular strong smell. The smell is typical of the natural rubber material and an indication that no chemical odour binders were used in the production process. If you do not like the smell, it is best to let your new mat air out for 24 hours outside in the dry or in a well-ventilated room away from sunlight, preferably hung over a clothes horse or the back of a chair. With time and proper care, the smell will automatically dissipate. You can find more information and tips on odour here.

General information: Jade yoga mats are made of biodegradable natural rubber. This characteristic brings with it a natural wear and tear over the course of use. The Harmony's life span depends on how intensively the mat is used and how it is cared for. Abrasion caused by use is unavoidable after some time, as the roughened surface is literally "sanded" by abrasive movements (e.g. of the heels) - an effect similar to sandpaper. Since abrasion is an effect caused by external mechanical impact, the manufacturer's warranty does not apply in this case. 

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