Floral Coffee - Reishi

Floral Coffee - Reishi

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  • GY9235
    • Herbal coffee made from a roasted blend of chicory, rye and barley
    • Enriched with functional mushrooms
    • Soluble drink, mix with water or milk
    • All natural, made in France
    • With the highest quality botanical ingredients
    • 100% vegan
    • Without caffeine or stimulants
    • Smooth, lasting energy without shaking or crashing
    • 100 g pack makes 20 cups

Greenyogashop criteria

Natural & untreated
100% natural, organic. No artificial flavors, no additives.
Relax · Calm energy · Digestion For a calm, gentle energy that relieves stress and anxiety... more
Product information "Floral Coffee - Reishi"

Relax · Calm energy · Digestion

  • For a calm, gentle energy that relieves stress and anxiety
  • One touch of organic coconut sugar (1.2 g per cup)
  • Ingredients: organic French chicory, organic barley, rye, organic coconut sugar, 450 mg organic reishi extract per serving, rose petal powder, rose hip powder, Dandelion powder


  • 1 spoon - 5 g
  • Hot water or milk of yours Add choice
  • Stir well
  • Enjoy hot or cold

About the label

French label Cosmic Dealer is run by modern women who are curious about ancient health rituals and always looking for niche wellness products that really work.

Order number: GY9235
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Chai Coffee - Chai & Lionsmane
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