Eine gute Nacht

Eine gute Nacht

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  • GY9297
    • Undatiertes Schlaftagebuch für 100 Tage
    • Über 50 Seiten Sachtexte
    • Viele Reflexionen zum Schlafverhalten
    • 17 Strategien für besseren Schlaf
    • 14-Wochen-Programm für gute Routinen
    • Inkl. App-Unterstützung (kostenlos, werbefrei)
    • Zwei Lesezeichen-Bändchen
    • Einband aus Leinen in Mitternachtsblau mit Silberprägung
    • Ca. 250 Seiten (90 g/m²)
    • 14,4 × 22,5 × 2 cm | 490 g
    • Öko-Farben, 100 % Altpapier
    • Vegan, inkl. Klimaschutzbeitrag

Greenyogashop criteria

Natural & untreated
Öko-Farben, vegan.
Recycling & degradability
100 % Altpapier.
CO2-saving & emission-free
Jedes Exemplar hat mit Materialien, Produktion und Transport 1,66 kg CO₂ verursacht.
A good night accompanies you for 14 weeks on the way to a new sleep routine. Daily check-ins and... more
Product information "Eine gute Nacht"

A good night accompanies you for 14 weeks on the way to a new sleep routine. Daily check-ins and weekly reflections help you monitor your successes and challenges. Understand connections, find a responsible way to deal with your stress and learn what can help you sleep better.

Over 80% of all employed people in Germany sleep poorly. So the problem is a societal one, yet it often feels like a personal failure when we toss and turn night after night. Many tips suggest that we just have to pay attention to a few things and sleep will fall by itself. Sustainable strategies and a holistic approach are needed to find peace. This approach is what the “A Good Night” sleep diary would like to be for you.

Not intended for pathological sleep disorders. Please contact a medical professional.

About the label

The books are bound in a German family business. Printing is carried out exclusively on recycled paper (Blue Angel). The printing inks are made from vegetable oil and free of mineral oil. While almost all books are glued with animal glue, this title is vegan. The CO₂ emissions from production were calculated and corresponding climate protection contributions were made.

Started in 2015 with the most successful German crowdfunding campaign to date, Ein Gute Plan is now Germany's most popular brand for mindfulness calendars and journals. The iconic design and ecological production have been recognized with numerous awards.

Order number: GY9297
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