Bigshirt short sleeve - cream

Bigshirt short sleeve - cream

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  • GY9304-1
    • Material: 100% organic cotton
    • Oversized cut
    • If you are between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one
    • The model is 1 .73 m tall and wears size XS

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Rock on & Namasté stands for a corporate philosophy based on fairness towards the environment and the people involved in production. All companies involved in the production process work under high quality and social standards. The label also supports various social projects.
Natural & untreated
This product is made from 100% cotton from certified organic farming.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® gehört zu den weltweit bekanntesten Labels für schadstoffgeprüfte Textilien. Es steht für Kundenvertrauen und hohe Produktsicherheit.

With this piece, you have the ultimate cozy shirt that will accompany you all day when you... more
Product information "Bigshirt short sleeve - cream"

With this piece, you have the ultimate cozy shirt that will accompany you all day when you don't feel like a tight-fitting top. It's your perfect all-rounder, whether for a cozy Sunday on the couch, as a relaxed top with yoga pants or when all of your friend's shirts are in the laundry.

About the label

Rock on & Namasté believes in a happy life with a lot of meaning, mindfulness and an extra portion of positive energy. The label wants to inspire new people every day with fashion. empower you to go your own way.

Rock on & Namasté accompanies you with power and style on your spiritual journey. No matter what your route looks like, rain or shine, barefoot, in hiking boots or high heels. Discovering your own spirituality can be fun. and is just as versatile as you are. This is exactly what the positive affirmations & empowering details that Rock on & Namasté consciously integrated into their products, remembered in everyday life!

In the Rock on & Namasté The collection contains a lot of joie de vivre, courage and mindfulness. Sustainability, fair fashion, veganism and charity are not a trend for the label, but a deep belief. Rock on & Namasté does this because it is their fundamental attitude to act with love — towards yourself, others and our wonderful planet Earth.

Größe: L, M, S, XS
Design: Einfarbig
Neckline: Round neck
Sleeve length: Short-sleeved
Color: Natural
Material: Bio Baumwolle
Order number: GY9304-1
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€55.95 *
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