Yoga Mat Virgin Wool Comfort - Natural

Yoga Mat Virgin Wool Comfort - Natural

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  • GY2533
  • Perfect for meditation and calm yoga styles: The high-quality and densely woven, high pile virgin wool yoga mat has an extra soft sheep wool filling, is sturdy, thermally insulating and super soft and perfectly suited for relaxed yoga styles. The edges are hemmed with a binding band, and the mat can be tied together with two ribbons when rolled up.

    • Material top: 100 % kbT sheep's wool pile
    • Material bottom: Non-slip cotton percale kbA
    • Dimensions: 200 cm x 75 cm x 3 - 3,5 cm
    • Total weight: approx. 3.0 kg
    • Filling: the middle layer is additionally filled with sheep's wool
    • Suitable for calmer yoga styles
    • Colour: Natural

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible

Ocean to Ocean stands for fair pay, respect for human rights and high occupational safety.

Eco-friendly & resource-saving

The electricity for the production of Ocean to Ocean virgin wool products comes from 100% renewable energy sources.

Natural & untreated

Pure new wool refers to high-quality, natural wool that is obtained in an animal-friendly way from living sheep and grows back again every year.


Both the sheep's wool pile and the cotton fabric come from controlled organic animal husbandry or from controlled organic cultivation.

Recycling & degradability

Sheep's wool can be fully recycled.

Place of manufacture

The Ocean to Ocean virgin wool products are made in Germany. The virgin wool comes from France or Austria.

The virgin wool mat Comfort keeps you warm during your yoga and meditation... more
Product information "Yoga Mat Virgin Wool Comfort - Natural"

The virgin wool mat Comfort keeps you warm during your yoga and meditation practice even on cold surfaces, and is particularly soft and cosy thanks to its dense, high pile and an additional sheep wool filling. The natural wool fat content protects the mat from dirt and odours. It can absorb moisture, store heat and compensate for temperature fluctuations.

  • Dense virgin wool pile made of 100% kbT virgin sheep's wool
  • Pile height approx. 2 cm
  • Weight /m²; 1800 g

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Type of Mat: Komfort
Yogalevel: Anfänger, Fortgeschritten, Profi
Color: Natural
Width: Extra Wide (74-80cm)
Length: Long (188-203cm)
Thickness: 1-3 cm
Material: Wool/Merino Wool
Yoga Style: Calm / Static, Meditation
Order number: GY2533
Storage : Do not expose your virgin wool yoga mat to excessive moisture. If the mat becomes... more

Storage: Do not expose your virgin wool yoga mat to excessive moisture. If the mat becomes damp due to sweat or water, leave it to dry completely before rolling it up.

Cleaning: This virgin wool mat cannot be machine washed.

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31 Jan 2019

Warm, kuschelig, wunderbar

Sehr hochwertige Matte zum Wohlfühlen, angenehm weiches Liegegefühl.

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Yoga Mat Virgin Wool Premium - Natural
€79.95 *
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