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Yoga Pants Arjuna - Inca Cacao
£73.91 *
Available sizes: M L XL
T-Shirt Maraa Eco Warrior - Night Sky
£26.06 *
Available sizes: S M L
T-Shirt Jilaa - Dark Caramel
£34.76 *
Available sizes: S M L
Prana Yoga Top - Urban Black
£39.11 *
Available sizes: S M L XL
Miami Top - Sage Brush
£47.81 *
Available sizes: M L
Cable Yoga Top - Tropical Green
£52.16 *
Available sizes: L
Refined Tee - New Grey
£43.46 *
Available sizes: M
Long Zip Hoodie - Black
£113.06 *
Available sizes: S M L
Sculpt Leggings - Black
£113.06 *
Available sizes: S M L
Sisterhood Sweater - Black
£78.26 *
Available sizes: S M L
Soft Cardigan - Grey
£104.36 *
Available sizes: S/M L/XL
Yoga Pants Emma - White
£69.56 *
Available sizes: S M L
Graphic High Rise Midi Leggings - Hero
£69.56 *
Available sizes: XS S/M
High Rise Leggings - Prey
£69.56 *
Available sizes: S/M M/L L
Gypsy Yogahose - Tropical Paisley
£60.86 *
Available sizes: S/M M/L L
High Rise Graphic Leggings - Goddess
£65.21 *
Available sizes: XS M/L
High Rise Leggings - Dazed
£65.21 *
Available sizes: M/L
Graphic High Rise Midi Leggings - Light Gray...
£65.21 *
Available sizes: XS S/M M/L
High Waist Printed Leggings - Sabrina
£65.21 *
Available sizes: S M L
Seamless Zen Top - Shadow Grey
£48.68 *
Available sizes: S M L
Printed Leggings - Indian Summer
£78.26 *
Available sizes: S L
Yogasocken Men Crew Grip - Grey
£14.75 *
Available sizes: M L XL
Yogasocken Men Low Rise Grip - Charcoal Grey
£13.01 *
Available sizes: XL
Racer Back Bra - Air
£43.46 *
Available sizes: S/M L
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Not only is a good yoga mat important to be able to practice the most varied and often demanding asanas effectively. Our sustainable and comfortable yoga clothes made of certified cotton have the goal of optimally accompanying you on your way to deep relaxation and maximum performance. In addition to the materials selected based on various ecological criteria, a fair production is our priority. At greenyogashop, yogis will find modern yoga leggings and yoga pants with matching shirts in the latest trend colors for men and women.



Professionals have known it for a long time: yoga brings body and mind into balance. With asanas, pranayamas and meditation you can quickly achieve excellent results. An important tip from us: Pay attention to functional and comfortable yoga clothing, because only feel-good clothes are an optimal companion for your yoga classes.

If you want to buy yoga clothes, you should check for following attributes:

  • Breathable, natural and stretchy materials for a comfortable fit
  • High quality workmanship for long durability
  • No restricting cuffs or waistbands
  • Perfect fit with enough freedom of movement for the whole body
  • Sustainable production



Yoga is about reconciling body, mind and soul as well as recharging strength and energy. How could you accomplish this better than through sustainable yoga clothing that also brings you in balance with nature and its fellow human beings?

Sustainably produced yoga clothing is therefore particularly popular, especially clothes made from certified organic cotton such as the collection from ARMEDANGELS or MANDALA. The clothes are produced under very good working conditions with a fair wages and are particularly well-designed and offer a very wearing comfort. Thus, fashion-conscious yogis can enjoy their yoga classes even better as nothing really restricts yourself during your asanas.

At greenyogashop we offer functional yogawear in many sizes for men and women. Comfortable yoga pants, matching shirts, casual cuts and trendy colors can be found in our online shop. Women attach great importance to a feminine, soft flowing silhouette and men also do not want their body to be restricted during yoga classes.

Premium yoga pants made of high-quality, breathable canvas material with reinforced seams, wide cuffs and practical adjustable waistband adapt perfectly to the figure. Such yoga pants can be perfectly combined with a loose-cut yoga shirt which guarantees freedom of movement, made from a mix of organic cotton and GOTS certified Lycra, available in wonderful chakra colors. GOTS stands for "Global Organic Textile Standards" and embodies an international certificate that emphasizes ecological textile production.