Wild herb tincture - Zyklus

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  • GY8722
    • Natural herbal extract
    • 150 ml
    • 100% local organic ingredients
    • Lavender, hemp leaves, lady's mantle and cinquefoil
    • Flavour: floral, fresh, lavender

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Kruut works with the Kaspar Hauser Foundation in Berlin, a workshop for people in need of assistance.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
The herb gatherers that Kruut cooperates with have a certified wild area where they gather. The organic farmers operate their fields in rotation. All plants used are native, i. H. they are not specially cultivated or imported.
Natural & untreated
100 % heimische Bio-Zutaten. Niemals erhitzt. Ohne Zusatzstoffe. Traditioneller Rezeptur.
Sustainable & durable
Together with regional farmers, kruut ensures more protected wild meadows. Every recipe contains around 2 m² of native wild nature.
Like the moon, our nature runs in cycles. Connect with the different phases of your cycle and... more
Product information "Wild herb tincture - Zyklus"

Like the moon, our nature runs in cycles. Connect with the different phases of your cycle and take moments of relaxation and grounding with fragrant wild herbs.

  • Self-care for relaxation and grounding. Strengthen yourself in your feminine flow and find your rhythm.
  • Easy to use. Prepare your ritual and during the period. Mix a tablespoon with water, stir and that's it!
  • 100% local organic ingredients. Never heated. Without additives. Traditional recipe.

Oxymel is a traditional recipe made from raw blossom honey, naturally cloudy Demeter apple cider vinegar and a selection of fresh wild herbs. Your tincture is gently stirred for weeks and never heated. In this way, all ingredients are preserved in raw food quality. For the real taste of nature.

Wild herbs: This delicious organic herbal extract contains hemp leaves, lady's mantle and cinquefoil. Lavender completes the composition and brings a fragrant calmness to the glass.

The variety: The female rhythm is a balanced euphony that we should pay much more attention to. Before it gets out of step, you can balance it with mindfulness.

Situation: The Oxymel cycle is an ideal self-care ritual just before and during your period. Take a moment of relaxation with a tablespoon in 150ml of still or sparkling water.

This variety in three words: Selfcare, flowery-fresh, mindfulness ritual

Ingredients: 100% organic: blossom honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, lavender, hemp leaves, lady's mantle, cinquefoil

Nutritional values ​​per 100 ml: Energy: 819kJ/194kcal | Fat 3.5g | of which saturated fatty acids 2.5 g | Carbohydrates: 40.4 g | of which sugar: 36.5 g | Protein <0.4g | Salt <0.01g

The sugar content is purely natural thanks to the high-quality honey that preserves the recipe. A glass of water with 1 tablespoon of Oxymel contains only 4.6 g of sugar per serving. Much less than, for example, a glass of apple spritzer.

Application: Mix a tablespoon of Oxymel with a glass of water. Stir and done! Whether you prefer sparkling water or still is entirely up to you. However, do not heat your Oxymel above 45 degrees, otherwise important nutrients will be destroyed. Your grounding nature ritual is ready!

Order number: GY8722
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