Wild Herb Tincture - Bitter 500 ml

Wild Herb Tincture - Bitter 500 ml

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  • GY8749
  • Back to nature: The wild herb tinctures from Kruut are based on well-tried knowledge and are not only tasty, but also beneficial for your body.

    • Wild herb tincture based on apple cider vinegar and honey
    • < li>With wormwood, centaury, horehound, peppermint
    • Ideal as a treat after hearty meals and for the daily portion of bitter substances
    • For use with water, tea or apple spritzer
    • 100% local organic ingredients
    • Never heated and without additives
    • In a beautiful apothecary bottle that can then be used at home
    • Content: 500 ml
    • li>

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Kruut works with the Kaspar Hauser Foundation in Berlin, a workshop for people in need of assistance.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
The herb gatherers that Kruut cooperates with have a certified wild area where they gather. The organic farmers operate their fields in rotation. All plants used are native, i. H. they are not specially cultivated or imported.
Natural & untreated
100 % heimische Bio-Zutaten. Niemals erhitzt. Ohne Zusatzstoffe. Traditioneller Rezeptur.
Controlled organic & certified
Kruut tinctures are all certified organic. Most of the farms that Kruut works with are of Demeter quality.
Sustainable & durable
Together with regional farmers, kruut ensures more protected wild meadows. Every recipe contains around 2 m² of native wild nature.
The Berlin label Kruut brings proven knowledge back into your everyday life: The refreshingly... more
Product information "Wild Herb Tincture - Bitter 500 ml"

The Berlin label Kruut brings proven knowledge back into your everyday life: The refreshingly tart herbal extracts are based on a millennia-old recipe and contain exclusively local superfoods such as groundweed, nettle and Co. Kruut stands for one step back to nutrient-rich nature and knowing how to use it. Manufactured with values ​​that are often neglected today: time & Devotion.

Ingredients: acacia honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, wormwood, centaury, horehound, peppermint

Application: 1 tbsp mix with a glass of water. Stir and you're done! Also tastes good in another drink of your choice: try the bitter variety with tea or apple spritzer.

Order number: GY8749
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