Meditation Cushion Crescent - Terra LE

Meditation Cushion Crescent - Terra LE

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  • GY7523

    • Fabric: 100% cotton
    • Filled with organic buckwheat husks in Germany
    • Dimensions: 51 cm x 28 cm x 13 cm
    • Weight approx. 2,6 kg
    • Practical carrying handle; washable outer cover
    • Zip hidden under the carrying handle

Greenyogashop criteria

Fair & responsible
Halfmoon lives a responsible and fair way of dealing with people and the environment.
Eco-friendly & resource-saving
Halfmoon uses buckwheat to fill the meditation cushions - a type of grain that naturally requires fewer chemicals and fertilizers than other grains.
Natural & untreated
The covers of the Halfmoon meditation cushions are made of 100% natural cotton fibres that neither shrink nor wear out and are particularly durable.
Sustainable & durable
With normal use and proper care, your Meditation Cushion can last you a lifetime.
Recycling & degradability
The cover of the Halfmoon meditation cushion is completely biodegradable.
Place of manufacture
Halfmoon Meditation Cushions are made in Vancouver, Canada.
This Halfmoon product is completely free of animal products and suitable for vegans.
The Halfmoon Meditation Cushion supports a relaxed meditation seat, allowing you to stretch and... more
Product information "Meditation Cushion Crescent - Terra LE"

The Halfmoon Meditation Cushion supports a relaxed meditation seat, allowing you to stretch and to open your hips widely. It helps you to sit comfortably in an upright position and to bring your heels to the center of your body resp. to the root chakra. It provides maximum comfort and is produced in Canada under fair conditions.

Tip: To adjust the cushion's height individually, you can simply remove some filling material from the inner pillow.

Canadian label Halfmoon is part of the B Yoga family and produces yoga and meditation accessories for highest demands. Halfmoon has a clear goal: to make yoga  accessible to as many people as possible as a source of inspiration and meaning. Halfmoon's products are handmade of mainly natural materials under fair conditions - mainly on site in Vancouver, Canada.


Order number: GY7523
Pflege: Die Halfmoon Meditationskissen sind sehr robust und können praktisch überall verwendet... more

Pflege: Die Halfmoon Meditationskissen sind sehr robust und können praktisch überall verwendet werden. Achte darauf, dass dein Kissen nicht feucht wird. Sollte das doch einmal passieren, trockne Bezug und Füllmaterial separat und füge beides erst in vollständig trockenem Zustand wieder zusammen.

Das Fü;llmaterial gibt mit der Zeit immer mehr nach, daher empfiehlt es sich, es alle zwei Jahre zu wechseln oder aufzufüllen.

Reinigung: Du kannst den Bezug im Pflegeleicht-Programm kalt bei max. 20° waschen. Dafür bitte die Füllung vollständig entfernen und in einer Stofftasche aufbewahren.

Bei den ersten Waschgängen bitte separat waschen, da der Stoff des Bezugs abfärben kann.

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Meditation Cushion Crescent LE - Natural Linen
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